List Templates – Issues, Contacts and Datasheet

We are continuing to update classic SharePoint experiences to be used in our newer user interface as well.  The following list templates now have updated user interface support:

  • Issue Tracking List
  • Contacts List
  • Custom List in Datasheet View

New and existing lists created using one of these templates will now appear in the “modern” UI by default.

Issues.pngModern issue tracking


Additionally, the modern UI now supports multi-line text fields with the "Append Changes to Existing Text" setting enabled. Lists that contain this field type will no longer fall back to classic mode to accommodate these fields.


We'll be gradually rolling this out to Targeted Release customers in late June, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by mid-July 2018.


For more information, please see https://support.office.com/en-us/article/differences-between-the-new-and-classic-experiences-for-lis...

File handling in libraries with required metadata

We are continuing to streamline document creation and sharing throughout Office 365.  Soon, we will align creating new files in document libraries with file upload transactions.  When a new file is created (using Office Online) in a library  by clicking the New button and entering the required metadata, the file will no longer be checked out automatically to the user who created it.  This allows other people to see the file even if required metadata has not been specified yet.


We'll be gradually rolling this out to all customers beginning mid-June, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of June.  For more details, please see: https://support.office.com/article/differences-in-required-property-behavior-between-modern-and-clas...

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I love having our Contacts list in modern. The only thing missing for our solution to be using solely modern SP views is the "Connect to Outlook" command that's specific to Contacts list, sitting on the ribbon in classic view. It enables extremely simple yet great, reliable integration. Can you please move it over to modern UI as well? I certainly hope you won't be deprecating that one!

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Im waiting for a modern issue tracking list that has the ability to send emails when a task has been assigned to a user....like the classic tracking list.

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Hi @Chris McNulty, will those list template be available on Communication sites as well? Right now I only have them in modern Team sites.

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Sorry but I'm having trouble understanding this part of the article:


"when a new file is created (using Office Online) in a library  by clicking the New button and entering the required metadata, the file will no longer be checked out automatically to the user who created it.  This allows other people to see the file even if required metadata has not been specified yet."


I'm not a native English speaker so maybe i'm reading it wrong but shouldn't it say something like:

"when a new file is created in a library with required metadata, it will not be checked out automatically to the user who created it. This allows other people to see the file instantly."






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Hello everyone! Any news about lists containing calculated columns reverting to classic view? Thanks!

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@Jacob R-- the new Issue Tracking template in Modern view does have email support (enabled by default in "list settings," "advanced settings"). Emails are sent when the "Assigned To" field is changed (including on creation of the record if a valid address is entered there). When an item is reassigned, both the old and new person are notified.
I just switched an old custom list over to the new Issue Tracking template just for that reason (to get rid of a custom SP 2013 workflow that sent the emails). I'd like to have the ability to customize the email as we could with the old workflows. I used a trick: all emails in the new Issue Tracking list start with "[Title] has been reassigned...." I set the Title column in all new records to "A call" -- So they all start with "A call has been reassigned."
Even without full customization out of the box, it would be nice to have a checkbox for each column to indicate whether the column should be included in the email or left out, and also the ability to cc someone on every email. 

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I really hope SharePoint can return the option to make required fields in document libraries actually required. Right now they are basically "suggested" fields. As someone who works with end users regularly, if there is no enforcement mechanism to actually require document metadata they will generally not be populated, which undermines the whole idea of metadata altogether.

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Thanks for the issue tracking app with the new experience - just upgraded your Quality Management System Issues List

ISO 9001 Issue Tracking with SharePoint.png

For some reason it’s not possible to change the data type of the category field from Drop-Down Menu to Checkboxes (allow multiple selections). Deleting the category isn´t also not supported. I`ve made a suggestion for that at https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/329214-sites-and-collaboration/suggestions/34676146-allow-ch...

Find out more in my article Issues of the organization in the SharePoint Issue Tracking App.

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I agree that not having a pop up to capture the metadata in the Modern UI is really challenging. We are trying to build and rollout our Document Managements System in the Modern UI and it's not a good user experience to have to create a document in two phase. Also, the fact that Document Sets are in the classic view means, that our aim to negate the need for folders is going to much more problematic. I am assuming these things can be improved with custom development, but as we are a public organisation the funding for such is immensely difficult to secure.  I just keep hoping they are 'coming soon'.

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Hi Jackie, Microsoft is thinking about it, see https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/329214-sites-and-collaboration/suggestions/14209284-document.... Okay 21. Oktober 2016 - for some time … please vote there

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Not sure where to post this.

I don't see what functionality managed metadata brings to the Modern user interface.

All of the following features are lost:

1) Managed Metadata Navigation that provides a controlled vocabulary for search is not supported. 

2) Search does not return results that are in context.  One of the reasons to have metadata is to provide context to the documents.  If I search on a term I get results that provide every document in my library that contain that term.  The documents that have metadata that contain the term are not prioritized, I.e. that could be half way down the search results list. The only way to find them  is to scroll down the list until the term appears in the metadata.

3) Required fields are not required.

4) Synonyms are not supported.  


The Modern interface may be fine for small repositories, however, if SharePoint is going to be a viable contender in areas like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, HR, Research, etc., the functionality that was provided in the Classic interface is going to have to be available in the Modern interface.

Until then I will use the Classic user interface.


Jim Wade