The Intrazone, episode 20: “SharePoint from the Canadian Perspective”

Throughout the world, there are collaboration commonalities, while still unique regional and industry-specific requirements co-exist. This episode looks through the digital workplace lens into Canada – to and through SharePoint Saturday Toronto where I attended and learned as keynote speaker, partner and attendee.


I sat down with four leading Canadian SharePoint developers and consultants: Yana Berkovich, Vincent Biret, Kate Wilson and Sherman Woo. They shared their expertise and guidance on classic-to-modern migration, the importance of information architecture and taxonomy, Power BI, governance, and learnings from a large-scale implementation of Microsoft Teams. We also speak with several people from Microsoft partners Habanero and Creospark about their SharePoint customer experiences in Canada.


Get that maple syrup ready, pull on your favorite hockey jersey (“go future Seattle team!” 😉), and head to Northern North America to discover the power play, Canadian way out and about SharePoint.



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Intrazone-20_SP-Canadian-pov_hosts-guests-faces-names_v2.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Yana Berkovich – senior business intelligence consultant & MVP (Finning International) [guest], Vincent Biret – Office 365 and Azure Developer & MVP (2toLead) [guest], Kate Wilson – Office 365 Consultant (2toLead) [guest], Sherman Woo – Office 365 collaboration specialist (MEC) [guest], and Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host].

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