As your business changes, so, too, must the level of expectation and trust between you and your chosen technology provider(s). At Microsoft, we work with you as trusted advisors every step of the way. This week on The Intrazone, we focus on what it means to work with us and our partners throughout your technology journey. There are a lot of people resources at your fingertips and we shed light on what they offer and what you can expect of each as extensions to your successes.


In this episode, we take time to chat with several customer-facing Microsoft roles about the on-going value you can expect from working with them. Technology Solutions Professional (TSP), Lori Gowin gives beneficial advice to future Microsoft customers. Chris Bortlik and Paul Summers, architects from the Boston Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), describe how they design visual proof-of-concepts and do live hackathons of real business challenges for customers throughout the year. Also, we bring a new segment called, "Try This" - an audible "how to" that anyone can do - today - with SharePoint in Office 365. You're not alone, and we're here to help. Find out how.


And your role is the most important – as listener – the most valued and trusted of all roles.


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Intrazone-logo_banner.jpgThe Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. aka.ms/TheIntrazone

Intrazone-018_Working-with-Microsoft_hosts-guests-faces-names.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Lori Gowin – Technology Solutions Professional (Microsoft) [guest], Chris Bortlik – Technology Solutions Professional (Microsoft) [guest], Paul Summers – Technology Solutions Professional (Microsoft) [guest], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], and Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host].

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