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The Intrazone – Episode 1: “Building Blocks of Your Intelligent Intranet”

And so it begins! Episode 1 focuses on how SharePoint provides robust, easy to use tools as building blocks for you to plan, build and grow your mobile and intelligent intranet.


Hosts Mark Kashman and Chris McNulty talk about current news in SharePoint, common FAQs from users and partners, highlighted apps, and best practices. Special guests in this episode include SharePoint experts Laura Rogers of IW Mentor (@WonderLaura; @IWMentor) and Matt Wade of I Can SharePoint (@thatmattwade). Both guests give insight into what SharePoint means to people and how to increase and improve use and adoption across the intranet and business solutions.


Hosts and guiests_Mark-Chris-Matt-Laura.jpgLeft to right: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [Co-host], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [Co-host], Matt Wade – Founder (I Can SharePoint) [Guest], Laura Rogers – SharePoint Trainer (IW Mentor) [Guest].

Links to articles and app mentioned in the show:

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We, at SharePoint, will shine a recurring light on the importance of you, the user.  We will continue working to make SharePoint and related apps more approachable. The SharePoint team wants you to unleash your creativity. And we will do this, together, one episode at a time.


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Great idea guys!
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Hi there,


This is great but do you have a podcast feed URL so I can put it into my podcast app, I don't want to use iTunes.




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I found it on the show page and thanks to @reactorJoe on twitter




Hi @John Seto.


Give this RSS feed URL a go: http://intrazone.mpsn.libsynpro.com/rss 


And thanks for your interest, Mark.

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Just an FYI, I search Intrazone in iTunes podcasts and got no hits. I was able to subscribe from the link above though, but you may want to look into why it's not searchable. 

Great idea. 

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Hi your email link from here https://intrazone.libsyn.com/ bounces:


Your message to TheIntraZone@microsoft.com couldn't be delivered.

TheIntraZone wasn't found at microsoft.com.


I wanted to say great first show and I am interested in this content:


  • Migration methods to SPO – new upload tool
  • Metadata Vs folder libraries – Teams et al assume folders right?
  • Best practises between veriosns + sync + check-in/ou (we turn check in out to stop sync breaking)
  • How to handle file store objections such as linked files, speed
  • 3rd party tools – livetiles, Zeedrive
  • How to consider a layout from scratch i.e departmental? I am not fully familiar with all the SP terms, sites, pages, site collection etc
  • Permissions, guests

I like the Periodic Table idea. Very cool.


One thing I would add is some form of de-lineation between on-prem and cloud solutions.




Will do @Deleted. We debrief each week on what's next, what's workin' and what's not across marketing production and planning. We no longer ant to hide in secrecy. Thanks for the help, and please rate and review the show to help us get the word out.





Hi @Tim Ballingall. Looping in @Matt Wade so he can review your feedback, "One thing I would add is some form of de-lineation between on-prem and cloud solutions." 

Please rate and review The Intrazone to help us get the word out.

Much appreciated, 



Hi @Matt Sellar. We're looking into why the email is bouncing, and appreciate the time you took in sharing content suggestions here in comments. I've noted them in our planning OneNote notebook. I know of two things we'll cover in upcoming episodes that you'll like for sure (new hub sites (intranet) planning guide, and more depth on the new migration tool). And I know just the two people to bring in for your 3rd suggestion ;).

And please rate and review The Intrazone to help get the word out.

Cheers and thanks for listening,


Thanks @Mark Kashman! FYI @Tim Ballingall, everything in the Periodic Table is cloud. Nothing is on-prem in that graphic. (On-prem = not cloud = not Office 365, to put it simply, albeit crudely.) For example, it's on purpose that it says Dynamics 365 and not Dynamics as well as Word Online and not Word.

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Hello Podcast Mods. Spending six hours last weekend in the car – listened to the podcasts. I really love it. Fresh, entertaining, fun, informative. Please keep up the good work! One point I cannot agree move with what Matt Wade said in the first PC about naming solutions with frequently used generic words – e.g. TEAMS, GROUPS, FLOW… That’s causing lots of additional explanation needs and still causes confusion. I guess it’s a little late for rebranding 😉?