It's time for reminders in SharePoint

Personal productivity is essential to teamwork.  SharePoint lists and libraries have long allowed to you defined custom metadata columns to track dates.  As announced at Ignite 2018, we are releasing a new capability that lets you set reminders for any of these dates.  You’ll be able to receive a personal email alert ‘x’ days in advance of a date on any document or item in SharePoint.


Create a reminder flow

To create the reminder flow, your list or library should have at least one date/time column in the current view. You’ll then able to create a reminder by selecting the Flow->Set a reminder menu.




You can enter the number of days in advance for the reminder, based on the selected date column.


Based on your selection, you’ll get an email from Microsoft Flow for any items or documents ‘x’ days in advance of the selected data column value.



Once the flow is created, it can be edited from the Microsoft Flow website. You can modify “days in advance”, or add additional actions.


This feature is slated to begin rollout to Targeted Release on or about December 18, 2018.  If you’d like to try it in advance, you can see reminders in action on the Business Apps Resource Center.


As always, we are listening for feedback.  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thanks.

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Does it give a capability to select users from the list/library columns for eg. sending reminder emails to created by or modified by or any other User field in the list/library? Instead of setting reminders per user this way it can send reminders to users from list column. This is similar to alerts on the list.

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Wery good idea!

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Hi @Chris McNulty, this looks great.  


Will this flow be available and work for external guest user accounts?



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Hello @Chris McNulty,


This looks great! Keep up the great work!

I do have a couple of questions.

1. Can anyone with Read Only permissions set up reminders in any list or document library (as long as there is a custom date/time column in that list/library)? 

2. Will these flows be created as “personal” Flows (listed under My Flows tab in the Microsoft Flow website)?

3. Will these flows count as “flow runs” against the Flows quota for the tenant?

4. What happens with these flows if the user creating the flow leaves the organization?


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Great feature. I also would like the ability to set reminders for other users.

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We will want to set a reminder off of Modified Date.  Ideally we would send out a reminder when a page hasn't been modified in a year.


If I have 100 pages in a library and many of them get updated regularly, I would get this reminder notification for the pages that HAVEN'T been updated.  This will indicate that we may have some content that was missed or is no longer accurate.


Great feature, looking forward to getting this. Can you only do this in lists with the modern design though, i.e. can you use it on Task lists?


Are there the equivalent of generic accounts for flows? For example, using a generic account to email a distribution list a reminder? I don't want some of the flows dependent on a particular user?

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Is this feature available on all tenants?  I checked and I still don't see the option on my tenant.