I get asked by users all the time, “Why should my company use cloud storage?” I always respond by saying that “cloud storage is great but, you need more than just storage and that’s where OneDrive comes in. OneDrive is all about enabling people to easily share and work together from anywhere, on any device, securely”.


Over the past year, we have worked hard to bring new sharing features to OneDrive and SharePoint, including real-time collaboration for Office for Mac as well as to iOS and Android.

Today we have several announcements that reinforce our commitment to deliver a first-class experience to our Mac, iOS and Android users.


Updates to Sharing in the OneDrive Mobile Application

We consistently hear that users are more confident and comfortable sharing files when given a simple, consistent experience across their devices. Over the past year, we’ve focused on delivering that with a unified sharing experience to Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint across desktop and web.

2.PNGOneDrive Web View

 1.pngOneDrive sharing from the Windows Explorer


3.pngOneDrive Sharing in an Office application

Today we take our next step in that journey by bringing the same, successful sharing experience that you currently see in our other clients to our OneDrive app for iOS and Android.

5.pngOneDrive on iOS4.pngOneDrive on Android

This feature is available now for Android users and is currently rolling out for iOS users so, make sure to keep your OneDrive app updated to the latest version when prompted. If you don’t already have OneDrive mobile on your device, you can download it here.


New Updates for Mac Office Users

In January, we introduced features to Office 2016 for Mac that enhanced how teams can easily produce advanced documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from anywhere, as well as have powerful ways to search, preview, and interact with those files.


Starting this week, the OneDrive client for Mac will now be part of the Office 2016 for Mac Click-to-Run installer. This means that the OneDrive standalone client will be automatically installed as part of your Office installations rather than having to install it separately. For customers currently running the Mac App Store version, OneDrive will now automatically migrate your settings to the standalone version.


Why are we doing this? First off, we want to make getting OneDrive as easy as possible as well as you up and running quickly. Second, many customers have asked us to add the standalone version of OneDrive as it will not only automatically launch at startup but the OneDrive quick access icon will stay persistent in the Mac Finder, much the same way it does on the Taskbar for Windows users today.


Finally, this update will also bring requested functionality to the Mac OneDrive client:

    • Office For Mac will work with OneDrive to intelligently open your files locally if it has already synced the file rather than download a new copy, so your files will open much more quickly
    • For our Office 2016 for Mac users, updates made to your documents will now sync only the changes (differential sync) rather than the full file each time you save, allowing you to work faster than ever.
    • Files synced onto the local machine can be shared within Office 2016 for Mac with the same user experience found on all OneDrive and SharePoint endpoints so go ahead and share from anywhere. 

We will announce more features and functionality coming to our customers in May at the SharePoint Conference North America. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions you’d like to see us implement, make sure to visit our OneDrive UserVoice page.

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I love to see consistency and feature parity rolling out across platforms. If I may make a suggestion, could you focus on adding this same consistent experience to Teams next? Currently I can get a link to a file from the 'files' tab in teams, but I have no idea whether that link gives read or edit permissions, or whether it is for anyone with the link, anyone in the organization, or only team members. Teams would really benefit from the addition of the same consistent sharing options and experience that exist in the other apps.
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Great article! Shame there are so many organisations still using shared folders on a network...


@Steve Whitcher, this is a great suggestion and something we definitely want to look into. Thanks for the feedback!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

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Any idea on when a 'Files On Demand' feature will be available for macs?

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Thnx for the great news.

One thing I would like to see in OneDrive is synching to Network Drives. This would be amazing!

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You are mentioning differential sync. Change notes in Apple store also talk about "documents open ready for real-time collaboration".
It is not really clear: I would assume, if I am online, but open a synced doc on my OneDrive (locally), it will open in AutoSave mode ON, and it would allow co-authoring in real time as if I opened it from SharePoint or OneDrive Online. 

Currently when I work on a file on the Mac and open the same file on my iPad with PPT-iOS either one change was overwritten by the latest saver (I had this once, but could not re-build) or - the rule - a duplicate with machine name attached is created - so no co-authoring while working on local OneDrive files. 

Is this meant to be covered with latest versions (PPT MAC 16.12, OneDrive Mac 18.065.0329.0008, PPT-iOS 2.12, OneDrive iOS 10.14.8)?