Use the Likert, a new survey question type in Microsoft Forms

If you want to gauge your customers’ overall sentiment around a particular item or experience, you can create questions that capture responses on a scale. Also known as a Likert, you may, for example, create a question that asks students whether they agree with a statement or respondents to evaluate a product.


In Microsoft Forms, click on the "…" menu of the question bar to access Likert questions.



You can define scaling options as columns and question statements as rows.

likert design time.png


On mobile devices, Likert questions will be grouped together. You can auto collapse and expand each question.

Runtime - Mobile.png


On the summary page, charts provide a breakdown of customer feedback for each question.

likert result.png



Hi. A few questions about this scale


1) Can multiple choice be an option? So far it looks like only one option per statement

2) is there any formatting available such as placing two questions next to each other rather than a top down approach?

3) I see branching available, but is there any other conditional branching?

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Is it possible to link the results from the Likert to Power BI? I made the link but cannot access the results of this questiontype in Power BI.


Kind regards,


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Hello there: I would like to add more than 10 rows on a Likert scale. How can I do that? Thanks, - Juliana

Hi, I exported the responses but only the field type "LIKERT" isn't downloaded. Is it default or a bug?


@Edwin de Ligter, for most of the time, I use "Forms for Excel" to create form to get a live data connection to my Excel workbook (stored in OneDrive for Business). Then I generate the Power BI report based on the Excel Online file.


@Danielle Lindolpho, for each statements you have in the Likert question, you will get a single column in your Excel workbook.Likert.png

Thank you so much @Zhongzhong Li , I didn't realize it was there.

Maybe you can assist me in another issue, I'm using MS Flow for connecting the answers to a Sharepoint list.

The likert field is the only that hasn't been uploaded.Do you know a workaround for this?


Settings on ms flow:



After workflow runs (PS: I created the column Rate on sharepoint as a multiple lines field):


Hi Danielle, did you solve the problem?, I was looking for a workaround but i did not find anything. I'm having the same issue and I need to move some Forms information to Sharepoint list with a flow, using the likert option in Forms module. If anybody knows something about it, share through this blog.


@Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco and @Danielle Lindolpho, for Likert in Flow, I think it is a bug, I will double check with our engineers.

@Zhongzhong Li @Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco and @Danielle Lindolpho

from my side I can not copy the responses of "Likert FORM in Flow" either. the fow always fails with that kind of data.
but it works well with normal text.
can you help find a solution?
Thank you.

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@Zhongzhong Li have you found a workaround for exporting likert data via flow to a SharePoint list?
Am desperate for a solution - this would be so beneficial for the quality of data I'm collecting!


Hi @Rafael Herrera@Gabrielle Zlotin@Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco and @Danielle Lindolpho,


Our engineers are working with Flow team on the fix.





I've spent the last couple of days getting closer and closer to a solution but can only get some results sent to my SharePoint list using Flows for the below likert example:


In Flows:

1. Create an action

2. Search 'parse' and select 'Data Operations - Parse JSON'


3. Select the statement you wish to capture with the parse.


In the Schema I used the following:

    "type": "object",
    "properties": {
        "id": {
            "type": "number"
        "order": {
            "type": "number"
        "answerOrder": {
            "type": "number"
        "displayText": {
            "type": "string"
        "invalid": {
            "type": "boolean"
        "url": {},
        "description": {},
        "symbol": {},
        "symbolColor": {},
        "isCustomChoice": {
            "type": "boolean"
        "customProperties": {
            "type": "string"
        "key": {},
        "image": {
            "type": "object",
            "properties": {
                "altText": {},
                "contentType": {},
                "fileIdentifier": {},
                "originalFileName": {},
                "resourceId": {},
                "customProperties": {},
                "resourceUrl": {}

You may not need all of that as you're trying to capture the "displayText" only.

When sending through the data to SharePoint you would send the dynamic content as below:




1. If you don't make the likert 'Required', flows will fail when null values come through.  If you need it non-mandatory you'll need to set up conditions and variables to resolve this.

2. This solution managed to get "some" data through to my SharePoint list, however, only two values came through correct.


Sandbox - Mon came through - OK

Dev - Came through as Thu - FAIL

Test - Wed came through - OK

DR - Didn't come through

Production - Didn't come through


I've confirmed that these values were correct in the flows Excel export so I'm not sure why Forms or Flows switch up the values and drop others:


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 Hi There, is it possible to add 10 more rows?  I use this for a Class Attendance tracker and 10 rows just isn't enough.

I'm afraid the competition over at Google Forms is better....   sorry...


Hi @Brian Donnelly,


Thanks for the feedback. I have add it into your backlog.

BTW, do you mind to send me a sample?




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Hi Zhongzhong Li,

Thank you for answering my query.

I use the 'Likert' as a means of collecting data about student attendances.

An example here...But my classes contain up to 20 students.

10 rows just isn't enough :-(


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Hi Zhonzhon Li


I am having issue with adding more than ten rows in likert scale and also removing likert options to 4 instead of 5.Screenshot 2018-05-29 16.25.03.png


Is there a workaround? 

Hi @Zhongzhong Li,


As you said "engineers are working with" 05.21 / Do you have any news or progress to connect likert with a list through a flow?. 


I will appreciate your comments, thanks.


Hi @Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco,


We have fixed a bug with Flow team, and we are still working on another fix on Forms side.

We will let you know when the fix get on Prod.






Is it posible to configure the size of the Colums in likert? in the columns i have only numbers but in the rows i have a long instruction. The form look horrible as displayed



@Luis Bozzo Quintana Could you share a screenshot with us?



Hi @Luis Bozzo Quintana, currently the column size is optimized for options with one or two words. I have added your feedback to our backlog. 


@Rafael Herrera@Gabrielle Zlotin@Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco@Danielle Lindolpho and @Jason Harris.

Thanks for your patient. We have already fixed the issue for Likert question with Flow team. You should be able to get answers for each statements in Likert in Flow now.


Please let me know if you have any further question.


Likert - Forms.pngFlow - Likert.png

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Hi @Zhongzhong Li, thanks a lot for fixed the issue.

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@Zhongzhong Li@Juan Pablo Rodriguez Seco@Danielle Lindolpho.... I'm trying to follow this thread but not sure that I saw what the solution is for adding a Likert Scale in MS Forms, using MS Flow to then transfer the form data onto a SharePoint List....  the image I'm seeing above is based on putting the data in to an email body, not putting it into a SP list..... any help would be greatly appreciated