New notification features in Microsoft Forms - Aug 2017

To address one of the top user asks for Microsoft Forms, we are releasing the email notification for new responses. Forms designers can now go to "Settings" and enable this feature by checking "Email notification of each response". The forms designers will receive an email notification each time a new response is submitted.


Notification setting in Microsoft Forms


Email for new response 





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cool, though I wish more Office 365 Services would adopt the Notification Service of Office 365 in general in addition to email notifications.

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I agree with Ivan, connectors/Webhooks are the way to go. I use Forms in Flows, and the hourly polling is frustrating.

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Except it's not always the author of the form that needs to be notified. How about being able to enter an email address or a distribution list to receive notifications. It would also be nice to be able to include the details of the submission in the email itself. 


Thanks for all feedbacks. We are working on improving the Flow and will keep you posted when it is ready. 


@Vishal Seth sorry we do not have the capaiblity now. You can use Flow to set such a notificaiton at this moment. 

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How about email notification to the submitters with details of their response for record keeping and reminding. Also containing a link to view all results.