New notification features in Microsoft Forms - Aug 2017

To address one of the top user asks for Microsoft Forms, we are releasing the email notification for new responses. Forms designers can now go to "Settings" and enable this feature by checking "Email notification of each response". The forms designers will receive an email notification each time a new response is submitted.


Notification setting in Microsoft Forms


Email for new response 





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cool, though I wish more Office 365 Services would adopt the Notification Service of Office 365 in general in addition to email notifications.

I agree with Ivan, connectors/Webhooks are the way to go. I use Forms in Flows, and the hourly polling is frustrating.

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Except it's not always the author of the form that needs to be notified. How about being able to enter an email address or a distribution list to receive notifications. It would also be nice to be able to include the details of the submission in the email itself. 


Thanks for all feedbacks. We are working on improving the Flow and will keep you posted when it is ready. 


@Vishal Seth sorry we do not have the capaiblity now. You can use Flow to set such a notificaiton at this moment. 

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How about email notification to the submitters with details of their response for record keeping and reminding. Also containing a link to view all results. 

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Hello @Steven Collier,

Is your flow getting triggered for every response you submit in form? As far as I've seen it doesn't do that. There is a bug in forms connector in flow. See this: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/I-Found-A-Bug/Flow-Doesn-t-Trigger-Immediately/m-p/51187#M795

@Pravin Pandeyes it's working each time, but my rate of new form submission is very low, one or two a day.

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@Kathy Liu

It's been a while now that the issue in flow isn't resolved. We are also following up with your product team but the solution proposed to create a custom connector needs addtional money to be spent to buy storage on the Azure DB where we are planning to save this data. Either Form should have these functionalities to send out emails which include body of the form or custom connectors should not be charged. Please let me know if my understanding is correct about custom connectors.




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@Steven Collier

Oh. So I've tested this form for about 100 submissions one after another. We don't know how many users will submit this form at any given point of time. Have you used custom connector? Any suggestions?

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We desperately need an option for the form QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES, in the order they appear on the form, to be automatically emailed upon completion of the form to the person who completed the form AND the person who created it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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Is there a way to receive an email notification of when the form was completed and send out an automated email response thanking whoever has completed the form and sending any additional information that is needed to both the completer and a central inbox in case of audit.


I use forms as a client booking system and need to respond to each client who submits a form and be able to evidence that the response has been sent in a yearly audit.



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I have inadvertently unsubscribed from the Forms notification emails. How can I resubscribe?

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This is ridiculous. There HAS to be a workaround where we can easily get form questions and respondent answers into an email. Does anyone have ideas? Can someone please help??


If we can't figure it out in the next week, we will have to go back to Google forms, or start using Jotform. Totally disappointing.

What are you wanting to do Erin ? I bet you can use flow from a form to achieve about anything.
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Thanks, Steven -- and I apologize because the problem we're having is a bit difficult to explain here. 


The Form + Flow combination works well for any forms that never change, but we have some forms that change fairly regularly.


Ideally we'd have a quick and easy way to return the form user's responses (each one preceded by the corresponding question) to them in an email where it's formatted like this: 


Dear [submitter name]


Thank you for submitting [etc]... 


[Q1 content]

[A1 content]


[Q2 content]

[A2 content]


[Q3 content]

[A3 content]


and so on.


Right now, doing this in Flows is fairly labor intensive, as we have to retype all the questions and then add the dynamic responses (which aren't even in the order they appear on the form). It takes more time, is pretty confusing, leaves room for error, and is difficult to format


If there's some way to set up a form/flow template that does this, or a single bit of code I can have my colleague just copy and paste somewhere into the flow, or a couple of flows I can daisy-chain together, I'm open to it. Otherwise we may have to go back to Google Forms in the near future. With Google Forms (and, as I recall, in Jotform), simply checking a box accomplishes what we need.


Clear as mud? I am not a developer and I haven't gotten into expressions, so perhaps there's a solution there... I need to make this easy for someone who is not very tech savvy. Please let me know if you have questions, and thanks in advance for any insight!




I can't see a way to make this easier in flow, none of the data returned includes the question names.


You've got quite a low bar for how much labour, I cant see how it would be more than 5 minutes to do it as you describe if you've got 10 questions, use a template bit of html and insert the question names and dynamic response. I would use a table.


I see you've voted on UserVoice already (https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box/suggest...). Its the 9th most requested feature so I'm sure the Forms team will take note.


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It's a pretty involved form -- it can often include a couple dozen questions. Again, tech savviness is an issue as well... and I've been spoiled by Jotform from long ago. Hopefully they respond soon. I appreciate the time.


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Also, to provide a little more context for my request here -- in many ways, the processes at our organization are still fairly traditional... we need technology-based processes to be more efficient than using paper, or they won't be adopted. We are an extremely streamlined organization, and we can't afford to make any task more time-consuming than it already is. 

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I would like multiple people to receive alerts when a response is sent...is this possible?

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Would it be possible to have the option for another person within the organization to receive notifications as well but also whenever it gets edited ? 


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I'd like to specific the email address for the notifications completely. 

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How about the ability to add other email address to have the responses sent out to? Any work around for this?