Microsoft Forms, a simple, lightweight tool to create surveys, quizzes, and polls, is used by millions of education, commercial, and consumer customersWe are constantly adding new functionalities into Forms based on customer feedback. Today, we are announcing the Microsoft Forms Pro Public Preview to better serve the needs of advanced survey users. 


Powered by both Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms, Microsoft Forms Pro will help experts create professional surveys that represent corporate branding and complete critical business flows. 


Create professional surveys.gifCreate professional surveys

With Forms Pro, enterprise business owners can design flow to automatically send out surveys to customersfollow up with customer inquiries (connection or escalation)Response data is available in real time and can be viewed in PowerBI for further analysis.  


Forms Pro supports additional functions, such as advanced branching, theme customization, individual tracking links, data connection with Dynamic 365 workflow automation with Microsoft FlowPowerBI integration, and more.


Automate survey distribution with Microsoft Flow.gifAutomate survey distribution with Microsoft Flow

While all of you can continue use Microsoft Forms as always, If you have additional needs to design advanced corporate branded surveysconnect forms data with Dynamic dataset, define the workflow around the form or response data, or view data in PowerBI, please start try Forms Pro Preview today by signing up at www.formspro.microsoft.com. 


We invite you to provide feedback and help us continue improving Microsoft Forms. Submit feature suggestions or vote on existing ones at the Forms UserVoice siteYou can also engage with us and other Forms users on Tech Community and stay current on the latest releases through our blog site. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How much will Microsoft Forms Pro cost once generally available? 

A: Forms Pro will be a paid service, once generally available. Pricing and purchase options will be announced then 


Q: Which platforms will be supported for Forms Pro? 

A: Forms Pro, like Forms is a web app and works in your favorite browser except for IE11.


Q: Is Forms Pro Preview available to GOV and EDU customers?  

A: Forms Pro Preview is not open to either GOV or EDU customers.  


Q: How can I sign out from Forms Pro? 

A:Use “Opt-out” in the “setting” at right-up corner, next your user icon.  


Q: Where can I learn more? 

A: Customers can learn more at https://aka.ms/WhatisFormsPro  


  • By Kathy Liu





Is there a checklist or some other similar easy-to-understand comparison of features that are different/better than regular MS Forms?

So after signing up, then "Surveys" is Forms Pro and "Forms and Quizzes" are regular Forms product, is that correct?


Looking forward to seeing this for GCC customers.

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Looking forward to see how the Common Data Services can be accessed for futher integration and analysis purposes.

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Forms Pro preview is not available for school accounts  :smileysad: …


@Kevin Crossman 

Microsoft Forms Pro has more robust tooling to support deeper analytics and insights with integration across your tools, such as Common Data Services (CDS), Power Platform and Dynamics 365. With Forms Pro, you can send branded surveys to customers with your company’s look and feel. Surveys are simpler to distribute across email with embedded experiences. You can automate sending surveys with Microsoft Flow and leverage preconfigured flow templates to integrate with Dynamics 365 apps. Sorry we do not have feature comparison. You can find detailed feature introduction of Forms Pro at here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/forms-pro/


To your another questions, yes, "Surveys" is Forms Pro and "Forms and Quizzes" are regular Forms product. 


@Acrosby Forms pro is not yet available for GCC customers. We will keep you posted if any updates. 


@Patrick ROYER Forms pro is not yet available for Education customers. We will keep you posted if any updates. 


@msteringa  In Forms Pro, all the data today flows into your "default" CDS (Common Data Service), if you have any in your organization, or we create a default CDS for you. You can then use CDS Apps to do more powerful things on your data. If you are using business processes in your CDS, you can now integrate the Forms Pro data and further utilize the power. For example - if you want to calculate a service score of your customer service representative, based on CSAT score of surveys taken by his/her customers, you can do that now, right from within CDS. Thus CDS allows you to combine transactional business data (eg: customer service representative data) with your survey/observational data. We will also pretty soon allow you to work with your own business CDS environments, in addition to default ones. Please stay tuned.

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@vishalsahay Thanks for your respons. We are exploring to use FormsPro for research project. In which entities/objects are the flows stored within the default CDS?

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In Forms Pro, is it possible for a user to log out of Forms after completing a form, using a logout link or button? Or, barring that, will logging out of Office 365 also log them out of the Forms application? I realize these sound like very basic features everyone expects are already present, and you may dismiss this request as a case of "they must be doing something wrong". I assure you, currently this is not possible using Forms (try it and you will see: make a form, send a link to the form to a user, after they fill out the form it is not possible for them to log out). This remains the number 1 barrier to adoption in our organization. We have a requirement that after a user completes a form, they must be able to log out such that another user accessing the same computer and browser cannot access the previous user's data. Currently, there is no logout link or button available on the form, and when the user logs out of office.com it fails to log them out of the forms application. It has been like this for years now, with no change, which seems very difficult to fathom when there is continued development of the product.

@msteringa They are stored in CDS entities starting with prefix msfp_

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Is Forms Pro capable of automating the export of results to an Excel file (not into a pre-existing excel file) using flow? Similarly with the file attachments being stored in a SharePoint document library? 


Currently this feature only works when exporting the form results to a singular Excel file table or SharePoint list. In an ideal world I would like to use the flow functionality to help filter and sort the data being submitted e.g. Create a folder in SP by first name, last name and copy any file attachments into this directory. 

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Will the Quiz feature get some Pro upgrade down the road?  Better reporting is needed.  Would like to analyze and report against Quiz results using Power BI.

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Was trying to embed a form - in general, it worked, but I'm wondering if it's going to be possible to


1) Remove form header and footer

2) Specify "redirect" url for the form - would be nice if we could create our own "Thank you" page with our own message


And, also, are there any plans to add the ability to source form data from CDS? For the surveys, those might be choice options, for example.


Also, what about multi-language support for labels, questions, etc? For example, English and French are both official languages in Canada, so, for a government web site, a workaround might be to use two different versions of the same form.. it does not seem to be very convenient, though.

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Great addition to the forms "family" i have one slight problem tho. 


ØÆÅ characters are not supported, is that something thats going to be fixed? 

Will Microsoft make Forms Pro available to education accounts? Will you also add a feature to add an attachment?

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once i opt out of forms pro, i am unable to use the forms (the default app in office portal). i keep getting this message waited for 60 minutes.

Forms Pro setup information.
Your account is being setup. Please refresh your browser after some time to access Forms Pro Preview. In case you have not signed up for Forms Pro Preview or have opted out, please signup from https://formspro.microsoft.com.
Any suggestions to use the Forms instead of forms pro.
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@Kathy Liu  Will the surveys be only for responders inside the organization, or can they be sent to outside (public) responders outside the tenant?  We currently use SurveyMonkey for both internal and external, but their new (and more expensive) security configuration headache is making us think about changing services.


couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to have survey in multilingual format?

2) Is it possible to connect survey questions and responses to custom entites in CDS?

3) Can we introduce custom validation in Form Pro using some client side script like email, phone etc?

I have seen one comment in documentation however, there is no such clarity provided:


below statement I copied from Documentation:

"If you have created any custom entities that you want Forms Pro to interact with, assign the Append To privilege of the entities to the user"


really appreciate your assistance.




Ok.. so just today I noticed that Multilingual option is now available in Forms Pro however, once the form is published and send out to customers, the language conversion isn't working as expected but appreciate that developers are working over the suggestions.


Quick questions though, does anyone know when the forms pro will be available for production release?