Integrating Microsoft Forms into PowerPoint (under development)

Microsoft Forms' new integration with Microsoft PowerPoint will allow a teacher to easily insert a quiz to a PowerPoint deck. Click the Forms icon in PowerPoint ribbon, the list of forms will be showed in the task pane. You can select a pre-created form and embed it to the current slide. Students who view this presentation can fill the form and submit without leaving PowerPoint.

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Forms integration in PowerPoint is currently being developed and will be available to desktop users of PowerPoint in a few months.


Nice, and I hope Forms integrate with PowerPoint Online.


Will this be available only for EDU licenses?

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When will this be available? I would like to use this tool now (Add-in or however it can be integrated), but I couldn't find anything on how to bring it into my PowerPoint even in beta.  Before I read this post, I had already tried to setup a way to use Forms within PowerPoint using the copy/paste QR code and inserted the results link, but it wasn't ideal.  Then I found this post and it gave me some hope that future development would improve the capabilities.  Now I'm wondering how soon I can get this Add-in or integration.  

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Helpful, but I think Microsoft is behind the curve here....


Why would you want teachers to share even more to students (ie send them a powerpoint) over an email, etc.

In this day and age of cloud based, distributed networks and mobile technology - teacher who is still showing PowerPoints to students should make them available as part of an embedded LMS, but classroom environments should me more capable of distributing to other screens quickly, rather than sharing and getting an email link to a shared document.


Should be focused on a a tool or button that when clicked, while share directly with students so they can follow along and when prompted, answer an embedded quiz.


Forms still has a ways to go (searching and organizing my over 100 forms into folders would be a good start) and sharing or distributing should be at the push of a button on the screen - email is becoming too cumbersome.

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After loosing the great Office Mix add in for PowerPoint I think it would be very nice to get this integration for Forms in PowerPoint soon.

Is there any know time frame or roadmap for the implementation?

I hope the functionality will include interactive functionality for the users to view a elearning presentation and answer questions along the way.

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Good to be amongst innovative team

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Maybe the forms in powerpoint will replace office mix

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How do audience members viewing the presentation on screen access and complete the quiz on their phones? Please don't tell me I need to send the whole deck to them. This is presentation software, not "email me the deck" software.


Also, how does PPT enable me to show/share the quiz results with the audience in a following slide without leaving my presentation or dragging a web browser window in front of my show?

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Kathy, Can you update us on when this will be released?





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Is there any update when this will be released?

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This sound like a great add in to powerpoint.  Likewise,  this could be interesting in OneNote too.

There are a few third party apps like Poll Everywhere that comes close to this.  


There is also the work around of using the PowerPoint Add Inn called Web Viewer by Microsoft.  


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It sounds like a great add into powerpoint

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It sounds a good add into powerpoint. Good job 

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Is there any news on when this will become available?  I have found a workaround for losing PowerPoint Mix in my classroom.  However, incorporating forms could help me replace a tool like edpuzzle.  The academic year in Indiana has commenced. :0

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Hi... any news on this integration after 8 months?