Branding enhancements


One of the top requests we get from Enterprise customers and the Forms UserVoice community is to include company branding with surveys. We now offer more customization support in survey logo, theme, background, and thank you page.


Survey logo

Many of you want to include a company logo at the top of your form. With branding improvements, you can now include your logo in its entirety without having to adhere to specific set dimensions.




Once you’ve added your company logo, you can also customize the theme of your survey with a company color.

customize theme.jpg



You can also add a high resolution background image to make your survey pop.

background image.png

1-8 run time.png


Thank you message

Finally, craft a personal thank you message for your customers. Go to More form settings (…) > Settings, then select Customize thank you message.

1-7 thank you message 333.png

1-9 thank you page.jpg


Occasional Contributor

Great enhancements! Thanks, Forms team.

New Contributor

Looking good!  I can't find how to add my company logo?

Thanks a lot!

MS is on the right path, but please add the functions such as:

- Customized font
- Foot note for e.g. GDPR disclaimer
- Hyperlinks
- Font adjustments i.e. bold, underline, italic

Occasional Visitor

Thank You!

this is just missing, but that's lot: inseret link with replacement text

Regular Visitor

Looks great - thank you. Looking forward to seeing future enhancements with this.

Occasional Visitor

Love to see these improvements! Is it possible for my organization to upload its brand color palettes and logo to a library of sorts so they are available for all users or does this need to be completed separately by each user and on each form? Thanks!

Occasional Visitor

Thanks!  This is going to make a lot of people here happy!  Please keep up the good work!!

New Contributor

Where do you add your logo? And it would be great to have an option to add your own css in the future. Thanks!

Regular Visitor

I love all the updates.  However - every one of our branded colors, some of which are quite dark, get an error that

Color is too light. Try another.  Some tried examples are 0082AA, FF6A42, 929292, DC5034  Please adjust or advise.  Thank you.
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Those of you looking for the way to add a logo and colour:

Click Theme tab > Click + button to get to Customise Theme options

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@Kathy Siskoy Yep we have this challenge as well can we add #FFE309 & #FFDB00 (yellows) to the list.  Otherwise loving the updates 

Occasional Contributor

would like to be able to have background image that is full width/background of the title as a title banner instead of text