Allow authenticated but anonymous responses with one response per person

We recently release a new feature to address one of the top feedback items on User Voice - Authenticated + anonymous + one response per person.

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In the “Settings” pane of Forms, you can now enable “One response per person” without checking “Record name.” This allows you to create an anonymous internal survey, limiting a single response for each person.




How does the feature work?

When people in your organization or school sign in and submit their responses, Forms will only log a hash key based on their Office 365 accounts, but not record their names or email addresses.


How about adding the same feature for external surveys outside of my organization?

We have this item on our list of future feature improvements.


Want to share your feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think via this survey.

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Nice feature, thank you!


Nice, and I'm waiting the one response per person on outside of my organization.
for collect surveys from Guests

This is a very helpful new feature

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I am too waiting to gather email-id of people who are filling the Survey externally. How can the feature be just anonymous when people are ready to share email-id.

While we send a Survey to person outside my organization, I would like to know which customer posted what. Otherwise how can I take action ?

Hopefully, Microsoft prioritizes this feature! Google already has it in its forms from long.

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 @Rishi JAIN Thanks a lot for your feedback! We have put it into Microsoft Forms feature backlog already. You can also go to User Voice to vote this idea:)

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How can responders verify that the form they are filling in is set to have anonymous responses and the Form owner cannot access their name or id?