Several customers, especially in the government sector, have requested the ability to remove the default app signature, “Get Outlook for iOS” or “Get Outlook for Android”. For these customers, the default signature may act as an endorsement of a technology and/or provider, which may violate regulatory compliance requirements.


Building on our announcement in March regarding general app configuration support for Outlook for iOS and Android, we’re pleased to announce the availability to disable Outlook’s default app signature through app config. Like with the previously announced general app configuration settings, the default app signature is delivered through the Managed App Configuration for iOS or the Android managed configurations allowing deployment by any MDM solution.


Default app behavior


Default app signature


Indicates whether the app will use its default signature, “Get Outlook for [OS]”, during message composition. Users can add their own signature even when the default signature is disabled.

Like with our other app configuration experience, Intune’s App Configuration Policy experience has been updated to include this new setting for both iOS and Android Enterprise managed devices. In addition, we also added the “Allow user to change setting” for “Require Biometrics to access app” for iOS managed devices.



Figure 1: App Configuration Policy for Outlook for iOS on enrolled iOS devices from https://devicemanagement.microsoft.com. If you're in https://portal.azure.com, then you'll go to Intune -> Client apps -> App configuration policies and add a configuration policy. 


We hope you enjoy our continued focus on app configuration settings available within the Intune portal for Outlook for iOS and Android. For more information see, see Deploy app config settings.


Ross Smith IV
Principal Program Manager
Customer Experience Engineering

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This is good. Although i would vote to remove default signatures completely by default. "Get X product" just doesn't look professional and is similar to various trash apps looking for advertising any possible way. What should such signature achieve? You are fascinated by a client when using it, not when you receive a plain email from some client. There is nothing special in a email that would make you think "wow, i want the same client as the sender used to send me this report" :)

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It would be even more awesome if we could get the same signature from Desktop Outlook on all other Outlook clients: Outlook for IOS or Outlook for Android, Outlook Online, etc. Is this something on the roadmap?

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When will this be available? It is not currently present in our tenant

@Manoj Sood This is rolling out across our regions today. We expect rollout to be completed around midnight Pacific time.

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Fantastic! TYVM!

Any plans to enable this option for MAM scenarios?


@Karolina Karczewska - Yes, we will eventually support this setting and the other general app config settings for the without enrollment scenario with the App Protection Policy framework.