3/22/19 Update: Company Portal version 3.9.0 is now available in Apple TestFlight.

Intune will soon be releasing a major user experience update to the iOS Company Portal app. You’ll soon see a home page with native iOS look and feel and some other new features. We’re also adding filtering capabilities on content listings and search. You’ll have the ability to filter by content type (apps or ebooks) and availability (device management required or available without enrollment).


Here are some Before and After screenshots for a preview of the new experience!

Arnab CP update 1.JPGArnab CP update 2.JPGArnab CP update 3.JPGArnab CP update 4.JPGArnab CP update 5.JPGArnab CP update 6.JPG

Arnab CP update 7.JPG


Let us know what you think!

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Are the applications be based from what has been assigned to them through Intune portal and from Business Store or just from Intune portal app assignments?

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For those who are already in the TestFlight program for the iOS Company Portal, how soon will a pre-release version arrive for our evaluation?  


@Jesty Salvatierra The applications and e-books shown in the Company Portal app are what is assigned to the user in the Intune admin console.

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Excellent! So if the user will not be switched to safari for app listing etc.? All inbuilt to native iOS company portal app? 


This is an exciting change. Does the icons of Apps(eg. office Apps) also change to native iOS look in this update?

Currently built-in icons of Office Apps(see attachment) have different background which it does not looks as nice as icons in Apple store(or iTune store). default.jpg


@Xinkun Yang Yes, as shown in the "After" screenshots of the post, you can see that the Company Portal app experience is going to get the native iOS look and feel. So, the icon pattern will be more like what's in the App Store.

@Raj-A-gooner You are correct - after this update, Company Portal will provide an in-app native content browsing and install experience without opening Safari. However, when attempting to install apps available without enrollment on an unmanaged device, users will be redirected to the listing of the app in Safari to complete installation. 

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Also, just following up what @Aaron Couch's question, whether when this will be released for the Beta Users? Thanks

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Question... @Intune Support Team @Arnab Biswas 

5 months ago at Microsoft Ignite, a presenter from the Intune product team mentioned they'd add the ability for admins to send custom push notifications to the Intune Company Portal app.  Will that also come with this user experience update, or is there a different ETA? 

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Hi @Intune Support Team ,

 how can I join the company portal app Apple TestFlight program?


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@Intune Support Team - glad that the new release (3.9.0) has made it to public release!

Some feedback regarding the new Apps UI:

  1. Most of the iOS apps we list in the Company Portal are publicly available Apple Store apps.  The app icons that Intune automatically pulls into the Comp Portal are not high-resolution enough... so the icons now look blurry in the new "Featured Apps" view.  Can this be fixed so that Intune refreshes more high-res icons from Apple?
  2. Also, every Apple Store app listed shows "Size: 0 bytes".  (LOB apps show size correctly). Can that be fixed or simply removed from the displayed fields?

Also, repeating my previous question again... In September at Microsoft Ignite, a presenter from the Intune product team mentioned they'd add the ability for admins to send custom push notifications to the Intune Company Portal app.  Is there an ETA for this?

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Hello Team Nice to see some changes around the landing page for Comp portal on v3.9.0. However, a few observations 1) The Icons on a smaller screen like iPhone 6,7,8 appear large, taking away a lot of real estate. 2) The text under 'Categories' is in plain text. They work fine, but, end users may miss tapping on them as they do not appear as a hyperlink/buttons. 3) At the bottom of the page is 'Company Portal Website' this URL links to the web version of the company portal. Please, may I know why is this required?

@Aaron Couch sent your feedback to our product group. Regarding push notifications, we don't have a timeline to share currently. This is one of the top ideas on UserVoice - https://microsoftintune.uservoice.com/forums/291681-ideas

When the feature is ready, you will also be able to find out it's shipping status through our In development (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/in-development) and What's New (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/whats-new) pages