Microsoft SharePoint has provided collaborative capabilities for many years. Microsoft Teams is the new kid on the block for Office 365 providing rich team collaboration. But did you know they are made to work together in a complimentary fashion? New advances in both provide the perfect integrated platform for providing the richest, seamless, collaboration environment for your users. SharePoint and Teams is better together. In this recorded live session Microsoft’s Mark Kashman shows why, and how to leverage the synergies of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams within your own organization.



The SharePoint Week webcast series was delivered live using Microsoft Teams Live Events, an Office 365 service. To learn more about how your organization can leverage this Office 365 service visit "What are Microsoft Teams live events?" and/or "Get started with Microsoft Teams live events"


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Great presentation. Are these slides available to share?



I will check with @Mark Kashman to see if he has slides he can share. If I get them and attach I will let you know here as well as do post update.