Yesterday in a meeting with a customer an issue was brought forward they were looking for help with. It seems that in a number of cases SharePoint power users had gone “under the hood” in Microsoft Teams and created their own folders and added files. Since these folders/files were not located under any existing folders generated at Channel creation time they did not show up and appeared to be orphaned. Luckily there was a quick fix I was able to show them. Furthermore, they saw the value in using the “fix” in other areas where they wanted to move, of copy files/folders from other SharePoint Sites and OneDrive to Microsoft Teams Channels.

In this HLS Show Me How I demonstrate how to easily re-parent files and folders that may have been created directly in the underlying SharePoint Document Library within Microsoft Teams to ensure proper visibility as well as relocate them from other SharePoint sites.


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Thanks for that video, That is clearly a quick solution to fix some organization issue into the document dispatch. We had another case, which was associated with the channel name change. If you do that, the folder stay into the "Shared Document" library and we did not find any solution to rename that folder. If you can check if there is any solution to change the folder name without have to delete all the channel and recreate it, it would be perfect Fab

Hi @Fabrice Romelard

I did some poking around and when you create the Channel you are correct you cannot rename the folder. The attribute that drives that does not get changed and if you were to change the folder name directly in SharePoint the Channel will go ahead and re-instantiate the folder with original name. There is no way at present to change the Channel name and then have the underlying folder name change with it. I would recommend submitting that to User Voice as a feature request. Sorry could be of more help on this one.

Thanks Mike for your confirmation

I yet voted for that feature :)




I recently did a bunch of this when we reorganized about 100 channels into about 10.  I was moving the content from those channels into folders under the new, "master" channels.  Since I was also renaming the folders at the same time I used a different approach.


First I synced the Document Library (Running Win 10 Files On Demand Sync) and then I used Explorer to move the documents from their original location to the new one.  I was worried that it would have to DL the files and then copy them, but it actually didn't  The copying was extremely fast and easy.


@David Broussard Excellent! Glad to hear the approach you used worked so well! :-)