Excel at Microsoft Ignite

We have a jampacked week ahead of us with great Excel content, community gatherings, prepays and parties.  Plus some great new announcements.


Make sure to check out the keynote and Jeff Teper and Ron Markezich session, Microsoft 365: Unlock creativity and empower teamwork in the modern workplace.


Gregory, Charlie and I will be attending in person from the Excel engineering team as well as our MVP’s and we would love to meet as many of you in person.


After Ignite I will link to the Excel related recordings in this community as well.


Here are some great session that I would like to call out
(for the full list of all Excel related session take a look here)


What's New in Microsoft Excel

Charlie Ellis

This session covers what's new in Excel that enables your organization to conduct deeper analyses.


Building modern analytics in Excel 2016: A hands-on workshop

Ken Puls (MVP)

No matter how big your company is, the reality is that your end users are building BI systems in Excel, harvesting their data from Excel workbooks and text files.  This workshop explores the journey that an end user takes to create the solutions that they will eventually hand to you to host, distribute and potentially even maintain.  From text files to interactive dashboards built on dimensional models, we will walk through the end user journey to learn about the capabilities and flexibility of Excel 2016’s modern analytics, as well as expose some tips and tricks you should pass along to your end users to keep everyone smiling.


What query folding means to self-service BI projects

Ken Puls (MVP)

Query folding is an essential piece of a self-service BI project in Microsoft Excel or Power BI. By rolling multiple user interface driven commands into a single SQL statement, query folding allows end users to essentially write a single complex SQL statement without knowing any SQL at all. This can lead to huge performance benefits over classic methods since it allows the selection and filtering of data sets to be done server side, rather than having the client pull down all rows from the server and then operate on them in memory. In this session Ken explains more about what query folding does, where it works, why it helps, how to ensure it’s still active, and the ways you can easily break it.


Microsoft Excel for developers

Sudhi Ramamurthy

Microsoft Excel, the beloved productivity tool, has a powerful web-based extensibility model that enables developers to build rich and deep integrations with Excel workbooks in Microsoft Office 365. Do you need to calculate, analyze, automate, report on or manage data in your app? Well, look no further at building these capabilities yourself – using the new Excel APIs available in JS and REST, you have the power and simplicity of Excel at your fingertips for all of your apps’ calculation needs.


Experience the Power of Excel Anywhere with Excel Online

Gregory Appel

You love Excel and everything it enables you to do your desktop. Learn how the team is enhancing Excel Online to be more than just a viewer of Excel files in the Web browser. Easily accessible and always up-to-date, it’s the ideal place to collaborate on Excel workbooks. And with full fidelity rendering, data analysis/calculation, and many of the same features as the desktop version, Excel Online can make you more productive every day whether you work alone or with a team. In this session, you’ll learn about the improvements we’ve made over the last year, and how we’re doubling down on those efforts in the coming months to make it the fastest, most collaborative, and easiest way to experience Excel on any device.


Democratization of data: Microsoft Excel and Power BI, better together

Olaf Hubel, Charlie Ellis

In this demo-rich session, learn how to use the unique strength of Excel in Microsoft Power BI to boost your business analytics and insights. Learn how to easily collect existing organizational data from Excel files into Power BI, create visually rich reports to monitor your business, and securely share it with your colleagues. Use the extensive Excel capabilities with Power BI to get valuable business insights and also drill down to the last bit of your data.


Create advanced visualizations in Microsoft Excel: Tips and tricks

Charlie Ellis

This session teaches you how to bring your data to life using new chart types in Excel. In this session, learn which chart type(s) to use with specific data sets and hear tips on highlighting your most important insights for others in your organization.