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Today we released a wave of updates for Immersive Reader across multiple platforms, as well as Learning Tools for Word Desktop improvement's.


See the full blog here: https://educationblog.microsoft.com/2017/08/learning-tools-word-desktop-immersive-reader-update


Immersive Reader improvements - available in Word Online, OneNote Online, Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10

  • Refreshed and fluid UI for the immersive reader
  • New "Line Focus" feature (1, 3 or 5 lines), designed for focused reading without distraction (much like a "Reading Ruler"). Helps dyslexia, ADHD, emerging readers, and many others.  Watch the video in the blog, it is a really cool feature
  • Ability to change voices (male/female options) as compared to only one voice previously
  • Auto-detect of languages on a page in Outlook on the web (other platforms coming soon) to enabled the proper Read Aloud, syllables and Parts of Speech to be recognized


From the Word team: Learning Tools for Word Desktop in Office 365 - Significant improvements

  • New Learning Tools button on the View ribbon tab to surface a contextual "Learning Tools" tab in Word
  • New "Narrow" mode to reduce visual crowding
  • Ability to Edit in Word while having syllables turned on
  • Ability to be typing and immediately highlight words and choosing "Read Aloud"
  • "Read Aloud" button is now additionally surfaced on the Review tab
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Thank you, Microsoft, for all you are doing! Line Focus is great! I used to cut windows out of index cards to make line readers for my students. Now it can be done digitally and is available to everyone! Parents used to ask me for one of my reading cards for their own use. They loved the ability to focus on a single line of text. Great tool!