Today we’re debuting a new tool that can spark collaboration in the classroom. We’re excited to be able to share a preview of a new, free app: Microsoft Whiteboard for Education.




Taking the magical simplicity of an analog whiteboard and adding interactive, collaborative technology, Microsoft Whiteboard for Education gives the whole class a new space to engage, ideate, and create. Teachers and students can brainstorm and grow ideas on this limitless canvas, coming together on lessons, projects, and more.


With Whiteboard for EDU, you can:


Collaborate in real time, wherever you are.

Give ideas room to grow using Whiteboard’s infinite canvas. Drive an interactive lesson from the front of the classroom on a large display. Flip the classroom by letting students contribute with notes, images, diagrams, and more on their individual devices. Brainstorm with others and be inspired by their thoughts in real time. Provide a limitless space for lessons, student ideas, and group projects.


Unlock creativity and interact naturally.

Work with whatever feels most natural to you. Teachers and students can use their fingers to make quick additions or draw the finer details with a digital pen. The pen-first, touch-first technology gives students immediate creative power, right at their fingertips. Don’t have pen or touch? Whiteboard for EDU works great with a keyboard and mouse too.


Supercharge your learning experience.

From the ground up, Whiteboard for EDU has been designed with teachers and students in mind: to work the way you already do. 


Export your board directly to OneNote Class Notebooks for safekeeping. Change Whiteboard’s background to a variety of new colors (including blackboard mode!) and reduce eye strain. Play with different line styles to support writing and graphing. Use education-themed stickers with your students to collect poll responses and give feedback in real time. 


Increase the readability of quickly-jotted notes with Ink Beautificationwhich analyzes handwriting and automatically replaces it with more legible strokes. Choose different ink styles and colors to give handwriting extra oomph. And for teachers and students who occasionally use analog whiteboards, you can convert pictures of your notes into real digital ink with Ink Grab, making the move from analog to digital seamless.


Get Started Today

Whiteboard for EDU launches today for Windows 10 and next week for iPad! After downloading, login to Whiteboard with your Office 365 Education account and enable "Education Preview" from the Settings menu. To learn more, provide feedback or be inspired from others using the preview, join our Whiteboard for Education Facebook group.


Wonderful! This is one app any teacher with a device that supports digital inking should master and integrate into their teaching. Now if it can be integrated with Ms Teams it will be almost perfect!


(Edited: I only realized after initially responding that the sending to OneNote feature is already included. Currently it is a bit slow - but it is there.)


Tried the sending to OneNote feature. So far my OneNote notebooks do not seem to receive the Whiteboard info.


@Marius Pretorius If your OneNote Class Notebook was created via Microsoft Teams and hosted on SharePoint, rather than OneDrive, we initially didn't support that. However, we now do! Try it again now and let us know how it goes in the Whiteboard for EDU Preview community


@Ian Mikutel, thanks, Ian, sending to OneNote works now. Yes, my OneNote notebooks were created with Teams and are hosted on SharePoint.

A small issue: I see it creates a new page titled "New Whiteboard" in OneNote. I would have expected it to be titled by the Whiteboard title. I checked and I had given the Whiteboard a title - it was not unnamed.

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@Ian Mikutel when will Whiteboard appear in the Office 365 for education suite automatically...in our county it is unclear who MS administrator is and I am very excited about sharing this with teachers, filter in building blocks ability to download app (have to do it from home) so until it is accessible in 365 online it would be nearly impossible for students to use.

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Whiteboard also lets users collaborate remotely. This Microsoft Whiteboard makes it a good tool for homework projects. For users who don’t have a pen-focused device, there’s the ability to use keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen and finger.