Dev channel update to is live


Hello insiders, today we’re releasing build to the Dev Channel!  We expect this to be the final build for major version 78, so it’s got a lot of fixes in it.  Some of the most noteworthy changes include: 


New features:


  • Added the ability to open all items in a Collection in new tabs.
  • Added dark theme support to edge://components.
  • Added a management policy for importing settings from another browser.


Stability fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Edge failed to update with error “failed to cache the downloaded installer”.
  • Fixed an issue where printing webpages failed because the print preview got stuck while loading.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping favorites on the favorites management page sometimes leads to a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when using InPrivate.
  • Fixed some crashes when rotating PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue where using keyboard shortcuts when popups are open sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Improved reliability when playing videos protected with DRM.
  • Fixed an issue where Application Guard sessions failed to start.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking webpage controls quickly sometimes crashes the page.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes crashes when the OS data collection level is changed.


Improved behavior:


  • Fixed an issue where elements of certain web pages sometimes flip upside down when you switch tabs.  
  • Fixed an issue where browser UI like the video controls don’t disappear when watching videos on certain sites.
  • Fixed an issue where the top sites tiles on the new tab page display a different website than the one they actually link to.
  • Fixed an issue where translation doesn’t work on certain pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the “translating” message is not shown when a page is translated.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling using the touchscreen sometimes doesn’t work on certain browser UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the button to close a tab isn’t the correct size or shape.
  • Fixed an issue where the links to apps on the browser’s Apps page open the app twice.
  • Fixed an issue where using shift + enter to start an installed website or app from the Apps page doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where the eye icon to show passwords sometimes appears twice.
  • Improved Tracking Prevention performance when extensions like ad blockers are installed.
  • Fixed an issue where text pasted into a collection is sometimes the wrong color.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping items into a collection sometimes leads to images in the collection disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where dragging and dropping an image into a collection sometimes saves a link instead of an image.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where using the scrubber to move through a full-screen video doesn’t move the time properly.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where some buttons don’t change state when the browser loses focus.
  • Fixed an issue in some locales where certain settings aren’t translated.
  • Fixed some unlocalized strings in the F12 Dev Tools.


Removed features:


  • Fixed an issue where the webpage favicon and the loading spinner appear at the same time.
  • Temporarily disabled with a feature flag the cards with website info that appear when hovering over a tab.
  • Removed the ability to import favorites inside an Application Guard session.


As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions! 


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I quite liked how the favicon and the loading spinner appeared at the same time. It looked quite modern.


Now it's gone. Never mind.



I thought I was going crazy once I saw the favicon appearing while I was loading a web page. I thought it was the New look.

"Fixed an issue where the webpage favicon and the loading spinner appear at the same time."

Actually liked this so-called bug. Saw this for the first time last week and looked really modern. Seems like a small detail, but it does bring some personality to it.


The open all tabs on the first page in collections is crashing the app. However the other one works fine.crash.gif


I agree. Maybe Microsoft can make it better, but I like how it added color and movement when loading tabs. 

Yay! That very annoying message that I'm running the browser as an Administrator is gone! Thanks!!!

I really like the favorite button in the tool bar. Save it until stable. So far two problems.

1. Dark mode doesn't make page white part into dark. Only the tool bar and setting pages.

2. Sometimes it has high CPU usage when playing Html5 pages.

@josh_bodner Still there is no option to completely hide the news feed! Have you made it a browser or a news site? If it is a Microsoft Edge news site then okay. You people don't hear to customer/user's feedback and that's why you can never compete with Google Chrome with your browser any more. I am ditching your browser just for this dogmatic boring feature. Sorry! for expressing frustration.


Thank you.


Just wanted to add my voice to those who thought the Favicon/spinner animation was great.  Although you said it was a bug, it was actually a really good improvement, because you could easily see what website has activity.  You guys should reconsider and revert the removal of that feature.


While I'm at it, I wish you'd bring back the yellow folder color that made it into a build or two.  The light gray folder color is terrible and looks too much like the generic website icon color at a glance.


Overall the team is doing a fantastic job with the new Edge!

This is a site problem. The Edge (Or Chromium) give support to the dark mode API, the prefers-color-scheme, however the sites has to add support for that.

The Twitter already is compatible with that. See that.

And hey Microsoft, when will you update the Microsoft Edge for Android and add support for the dark mode synced with the system (Android 10 and OneUI's Android Pie, please)? And add the dark theme API too.

@TanvirArjel  "Still there is no option to completely hide the news feed"

That's one of the features that are currently being tested as part of the Controlled feature roll-outs:

...Microsoft has added new options to control how the news feed is displayed.

After update to this version IEMode no longer works. It shows "Internet explorer stopped working" error dialog, starts normal IE and shows text: "To open this page in Internet Explorer mode, reinstall Edge with administrative privileges" . I'm on windows 7, UAC is turned off and I have admin rights. Edge was installed using MSI for enterprise. Error details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 11.0.9600.19463
Application Timestamp: 5d648e95
Fault Module Name: IEFRAME.dll
Fault Module Version: 11.0.9600.19463
Fault Module Timestamp: 5d6496b7
Exception Code: c0000602
Exception Offset: 0000000000361e9a
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1063
Additional Information 1: 7928
Additional Information 2: 7928abdb102dcb40bca60a1c932b6856
Additional Information 3: 8183
Additional Information 4: 8183fd5d4cf18c4cff0a191d3a86407d

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

kitties (delete me, please)

So yeah...this last update just broke the favorites bar that you just fixed in the update before it again. As soon as I restarted the browser to do the update, all of my favorites reloaded in the incorrect order. And granted, when that would happen, I would just mass delete them and re-import the bookmarks file to fix it, which only takes a couple seconds, but it seems that the favorites bar is on an indefinite loop and reloads the bookmarks in incorrect order again only 2 seconds after deleting them. That needs to be fixed again if possible. Due to both my professional work AND my creative work, having those organized and working properly is pretty important. I'm unfortunately going to have to use another browser for the following week until that's fixed. Also, the last few updates have severely increased the CPU and memory usage. Edge with Chromium has been my preferred browser for months due to how low the CPU and memory usage was, being that I'm a streamer on Mixer and having those resources low makes it easy to stream and keep my browser open at the same time. But over the past few weeks, my CPU has been reaching 100% on stream and causing the stream to crash over a few hours, which never happened before. Just something to look into as more Chromium features are being loaded into the new Edge. It's causing Edge to become more like Chrome in the bad way rather than good. Still, appreciate all of the hard work your team is putting into the builds.


Also this Lastpass Extension UI button issue magically fixed itself in this Edge Dev release. https://twitter.com/jussipalo/status/1156820772255666176?s=20



Same here. I saw that Chrome was doing it too. I thought it was a change in Chromium. I even pointed it out to some of my co-workers because I thought that was such an intuitive feature.


Sad to see it was just a bug.

You're paying to test Edge? That's a strange statement to make. Seems to me that it's free software, and you can simply uninstall anytime you don't like it.
I rather liked the webpage favicon and the loading spinner appear at the same time.


I think most people like the news feed, and its how I stay up to date with the news. However, I agree with you that there needs to be the option of hiding it completely, especially in focused. I have ADHD, and its really easy to get distracted by the news when I'm trying to work.


I've never had IE mode come on. I'm curious about which sites still only work with IE.


That is really annoying, and I've had that problem too. How do you keep track of all those bookmarks? I use folders, so that only the folder is duplicated, but 900 bookmarks seems like a massive amount to keep track of. I really hope their working to fix this issue, but it only seems to affect me when I add something on a different browser or device.

@TanvirArjel  According to the 'Top feedback summary for September 17' page, this feature is planned for September.



When will Collections sync become available?




Favorites icon still needs fixing. So does the rest of the start menu

@Peter Dennington 

If you are asking when you can test it, you can now. Go to edge://flags/#edge-collections.



@cjc2112 I am already testing the feature and love it but I want them to sync between devices

I think instead of making  the pdf/ebook reader feature  on par with the old edge browser, it'll be better to convert the old browser into a standalone pdf/ebook reader. The old browser already has many features regarding pdf reading like note taking , annotations, offline dictionary, cortana, bookmarks, grammar tools and many more. It'll be really sad to kill the old browser completely.@josh_bodner 

Oh yeah. It's such a bug that it's more like feature. Guys from dev team, bring it back. Please.

Basically, every site that still uses ActiveX (almost all "chinesium" IP Cams relied on ActiveX to play the live video for years, maybe decades) is dependent on IE. I also happen to know an enterprise web app that interacts with the local scanner for digitizing documents and upload it to the app via ActiveX. For what I'm told, there are many enterprise applications still relying on IE for working correctly.

@sjoyce295 I also loved this new feature.  I almost bragged to my Chrome-using co-workers, but not I'm sad that it's gone....

I have to admit that I really liked the spinning favicons as well, and agree that it was a modern look. It also showed activity@Speednet  I hope MS reconsiders in the future.


That's actually not a bad idea, if they rename and rebrand it.

Oh! Great! Thank you for letting us know this. On which release can we get this please?

@PhilLB1239 I liked it too, but I didn't like that it was a tiny square poorly squished inside a circle. Maybe it could return with an improved look! For example, instead of just being shrunken, it could start out full size, but cropped into a circle, then the circle could fill out into a square when it finishes loading.


Just curious, what do you mean when you say "start out full size, but cropped into a circle? Do you mean that only the center part of the favicon is showing and then after the spinning circles stop it shows all of it?

@cjc2112Yeah, that's what I mean, though I guess with most favicons it wouldn't look great without shrinking it a little to fit it into the circle. I just never liked how the loading circle and square favicon overlapped.

I'm actually glad that the overlapping Favorite icon on the spinner is gone, I felt it was too much stuff going on at the same time and it felt unpolished/unprofessional. The good old spinners are much cleaner

A feature request from the public sector is the ability to digitally sign a pdf in Edge with a Smart Card. If the function was added to digitally sign a PDF with a Smart Card, many federal agencies wouldnt have to depend on the 3rd party application Adobe Reader for this function and could fully leverage Edge for PDFs instead. @David Rubino @josh_bodner 

@WolfIcefang  "it could start out full size, but cropped into a circle, then the circle could fill out into a square when it finishes loading."

And isn't that how it worked before? look at these gifs.

@josh_bodner wrote:


Removed features:


  • Fixed an issue where the webpage favicon and the loading spinner appear at the same time.


This "bug" actually helps knowing which website is loading; especially when it comes to the scenario where a new website that someone visits for the first time loads for too long, which that "bug" actually helps that someone knowing that it is still loading. I live in a country that is known to have slow/bad internet, which that "bug" helped me a lot on that scenario, especially when it comes to going to sites from far-away countries for Scholar Research.

Please keep that "bug" and turn it into a feature because it fits the Modern look while being useful (especially to those having slow/bad internet connection) at the same time.

I also suggest it being an option to turn it on or off with the default being "on", just in case someone who disliked that feature wants to turn that "feature" off.



I am facing the same issue with favorites... have to switch back to chrome if it doesn't get fixed soon

@josh_bodner It would be cool if you could enable the site icon to rotate when the icon has loaded, but the rest of the page hasn't



I agree. I was surprised, but like the effect.

@josh_bodner It's looking really good. I'm using the Beta branch as my daily driver and I've had no issues. Is there a roadmap currently to have this replace the existing Edge in Windows 10? I'd like to have some heads up so I can put together notifications and training for my users.


Another one who really liked the "webpage favicon and the loading spinner appear at the same time" functionality and sad to see it go away...

There is a report that the code to hide current EdgeHTML Edge in favor of the new one has been found in the recent Windows Insider builds so I think it will happen.
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