Yammer Discovery - What is in my feed?

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With the new Yammer comes a new Yammer home feed. This is the place for you to catch up on conversations happening in the communities you belong to today and what’s most important to you 


Additionally, one superpower of Yammer is discovery – discovering new communities and new conversations that help broaden your perspective, includes viewpoints, deepens experiences that may not come across you path otherwise directly in your home feed 


What we have learned through the years is that our Yammer customers are curious – you want to know what is in your feed and why it’s there. Plus, we know that you want to be able to educate the rest of your organization when they have questions.  


Below ware some ideas of how to use tools in Yammer to continue to boost the discovery of content within your network’s home feed 


What’s new with the Yammer feed 


The feed in Yammer has two main purposes – the first is to help you stay on top of your communities, people and topics you follow. And the second is discovery - there are so many conversations that are happening, the feed finds conversations from people, communities and topics that we think you might be interested in. Ware constantly tweaking the feed based on your interactions with the people, communities, and conversations.   


Once you are caught up in the communities you belong to, Yammer may point you to a new community that may be of interest to you 


And if you don’t regularly check Yammer.com you’ll receive Yammer discovery email that includes the highlights of the Yammer communities is based off previous interactions that you or your co-workers have made that you might find interesting.  Plus, the Yammer mobile app feed will be the same as you see on the web, so you won’t miss anything when you are away from your desk.  


We have heard that you want to know what is in your feed and why. Your curiosity has helped with a project that will explain in product why you are seeing what you are seeing in your feed.  


Download this Yammer infographic and share with your communities as they begin to understand how their Yammer feed works!Download this Yammer infographic and share with your communities as they begin to understand how their Yammer feed works!

How can I impact the feed?  


Network admins can select specific conversations to be Featured Conversations for a specific date. These conversations will be highlighted at the top of the Home Feed for everyone, until they have been read by the userThis can be a strategy for the network admins to help shape the culture, spotlight leaders and share expectations of specific use cases of Yammer.   Once they have been read or interacted with, these featured conversations will still be highlighted but will not be at the top of the feed. 


Featured convo.JPG



Also, Network admins will be able to Mute Communities from the home feed. These communities can still exist and thrive, but they won’t be the primary focus of content for the network.  





Community Admins can also send announcements, which creates notifications via email, your Yammer inbox as well as push notifications in mobile. Announcements will get a slight boost in the feed but aren’t guaranteed at the top, there’s a balance with push notifications and discovering directly in the feed.  


All Yammer users have additional opportunities to curate their own feed.  Yammer users can mark up to 10 specific communities as Favorite which helps to pull in content from those specific communities and similar communities into the feed.  


Favorite communities 2.png


Furthermore, there may be communities that might not be as productive for you personally, and you as a user can mute specific communitiesThis allows you to keep the focus of your Yammer feed on what is important to you and your work.  


What’s next?  


We’re on a journey to continuously fine tune the algorithm and incorporate more signals from the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite as it relates to discovering new conversations in YammerWe continue to work on improving the home feed to discover new communities, to include new conversations for different ideas, and bring people together throughout your organization regardless of geography or time zone. 


We are listening and learning from you and your interactions and how you respond. And we have already heard customer feedback from these changes who are discovering conversations and communities that they might not have otherwise. 


Tell us, what is something you have discovered in Yammer recently?  




Luc Feuvrier-Danziger has been a Product Manager at Yammer for 4 years focusing on the feeds and discovery. 



This is very helpful and we appreciate these details.  Are you able to shed some light on how often the feed is updated?  Can it be as quick as real-time or is it hours, 24 hours, etc?  This seems to be an area where we are seeing a variety of results based upon our test group. 


Great question! We have a mix of real-time and 2-hour batch process which allows us to ensure we're including the freshest content and also able to look over a large number of threads to rank for your Home Feed. 

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Hi! I have some other aspect in feed - it's 'Recommended', though these posts look not relevant to me. Any details on how it works?

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@lucdanziger Our feed frequently gets "stuck" where the same message is at the top of the feed for multiple days on end. We opened a case up ([Case #:21104664], but they were not able to solve it. The explanations above are helpful though, so thanks for that!


@Natalia Nemkovich, recommended can fit a wide range of reasons, we're going to continue getting more granular with explanations over time but potentially because it's a popular group within your company, you've had previous interactions with that user or group, or it's trending within your personal network or globally across the company. 


@Rob O'Keefe, glad the explanations are helpful! Threads getting stuck is not right, we should be cycling through different conversations -- flagged with the team to go deeper on this. 

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Hi @lucdanziger, thank you for clarification! Will be keeping an eye on the udates :smile:

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Hello @lucdanziger


thanks for your explanations about the functionality and data sources of the algorithm.


But there is one thing I would like to mention: Even though the new intelligent discovery feed is certainly a good thing and will serve many users well, I am very critical of the fact that the chronologically sorted feed is disappearing more and more. In the web version of the New Yammer I can still select it, but unfortunately the setting is no longer saved and I have to constantly reactivate it. In the mobile apps for iOS and Android, just like in the SharePoint conversations web part, I can no longer select it.


In my opinion, this way of consuming the feed still has its place. Especially for all users who want or need to consume their followed groups completely. This concerns all users, who need a complete overview of their followed groups and want to react promptly to new messages without checking all groups individually.


Currently, when using the mobile iOS/Android app, I don't have a chance to view all new messages at a glance. I have to open and check all groups with new messages separately, which takes a multiple of the time compared to the "old Yammer" with the global chronological feed, which has always been a central instrument of the tool for me and others.


I hope that my concerns became clear with this.


With all the enthusiasm for the Discovery Feed: Please do not forget this user group and give them back this possibility in the mobile apps and in the Yammer conversations web part.


I am looking forward to a short feedback and would be happy to discuss further.


Many greetings

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@lucdanziger  Can you detail what it would entail for an All Company post to show up in everyone's Home Feed? For instance , I have an accident on Floor 2, that I want people to be aware of and to avoid. How could I craft a post so that this hits their Discovery feed in near real time?




@Christopher Allen, I'd suggest two options here: 
1. If you care about general awareness but don't want to actively push it to people -- Featured Conversation. You can promote a piece of content to the top of everyone's feed for a duration of your choosing. 

2. If it's more critical -- announcement. Announcements go to Yammer Inbox and if they aren't active on Yammer, will generate an email notification and a bell notification in Teams. Announcements also do get boosted in the Home Feed as well. 

@tblum, we hear that. We recently released an update that strongly biases towards more recent content from content you subscribe to (joined communities, followed people) so hopefully moves it in the right direction for you. Follow up question here -- do you also use the Home Feed to stay on top of conversations that you've seen before (i.e. when there are new replies) or is it mainly around visibility into net new conversations?

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@lucdanziger I can't tell you how much it means to us Customers that you are here and engaging! We feel listened to! Not many of the other spaces here have Microsoft leaders posting, so kudos to you.


Featured Conversation -- That boosts to the top of the Home Feed, or the top of the Community it is posted in? I thought it was just within the Community.


Home Feed -- I think you should consider the size of the tenant (i.e. some combination of: Number of Yammer Users, Number of Active Yammer Users, Number of Communities, Number of Messages per Day/Week/Month) to tune the Home Feed. For smaller tenants, the Home Feed should act much more like a chronological feed. We are over and over facing the situation where the Home Feed is not updating (not showing newer messages) and yet 3-5 Communities show 1 or more Unread message. I wonder if your design and testing has been with larger tenant volumes?




@Rob O'Keefe that's great to hear, I appreciate it! 

Re: Featured Conversation -- only top of the Home Feed, although you can pair it with "Pin" to move it to the top of the community feed if that's your goal.  

Re: Home Feed -- a few things here! One, we looked into your case, you should be getting details back but the short of it is we made a fix so you should see improvements today & have a longer term resolution over the next few months so will continue to get better! Two, love the feedback and I'll take it back to the team, but there are likely two root causes to the discrepancy between new community unread counts and what's showing in your discovery feed:
- We filter if you've seen a thread starter, so there can be messages in communities with net new replies that won't show in your Home Feed, we're looking to move away from that model and blending together new thread starters and new replies.
- We have a quality threshold for items to be eligible for the Home Feed so we don't show just anything, generally helpful, sometimes harmful -- we'll be revisiting this in the short term. 

Hope that helps!

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@lucdanziger Thank you for your quick feedback and apologize for my late reply. I find it great that you are getting in touch with the community in this way.

If I understand you correctly, your answer refers to the fact that the discovery feed should show more current and relevant content in the future. This is great!
But what about the good old chronological "all conversations" feed? Let me ask you directly: Will it stay with us, also in the form that we can save it as default if we want to? And will it also return to the mobile apps?
I ask this question because I find this way of consuming Yammer very effective for many usage scenarios. There are many people who need or want to read their followed communities completely without worrying about missing a single message. This may be a limited group of people, but for them it is very important to have this option.


Regarding your follow-up question: For the use cases I have in mind, it is important that new answers to older discussions become visible again.


I look forward to your answer and let me know if I can contribute something to the discussion.


Best regards


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We have a huge problem with the Home Feed being filled with posts in all kind of languages the end user doesn't understand. This is very off-putting for end-users and has already damaged the reputation of Yammer severely in our organisation.


Adding to injury is that we are migrating from Skype for Business to Teams and promoting the Yammer Teams app as an alternative to the Desktop and Web clients, but the Yammer Teams app doesn't retain state and reverts to the Home Feed every time you switch to it.


Nothing is less relevant than posts you can't even understand. We really hope you prioritise to find a solution to this issue - you can find my suggestion on UserVoice - https://yammer.uservoice.com/forums/399627-yammer/suggestions/41370115-auto-translate-to-english-in-...


We are a multi-national company based in Europe with a very high number of multilingual employees - something that is quite common in Europe. Almost everyone has colleagues that will post both in English in some Yammer communities and in their local language in other Yammer communities.


@Matthias Bartosik, we were talking about your feedback for a bit on Friday, we really appreciate you sharing, these always spark really healthy conversations internally on how we can be making the product better, so thank you :folded_hands:

The language problem is a hard one, it's a problem we've seen crop up a few times and even within our own network, where Yammer is incredibly popular within a specific locale which makes it difficult to launch worldwide because that one locale dominates the feed. The challenge is around multilingual employees and multinational organizations. To use a Microsoft example, how do we avoid cutting out a Satya message to our friends in France, especially since most are also fluent in English?


I'll offer immediate, short, and longer run solutions, which range from not optimal but can do now to ideal. 


If there are a small number of offending communities, you can temporarily "mute" them at the admin level, which means members see it normally, but it won't appear in the Home Feed for other users. We've seen networks look to temporarily suppress communities while they launch and roll it out to users. 


Actively get users into the right communities. Through dynamic groups or community level invitations, push to get users into the right groups from the start. Content from these communities will then be the first thing users see. 


Short Run

In the short run, we're going to be leveraging a broader set of signals based on who the user interacts with across the suite, org chart, group memberships, etc. While this won't solve the problem, especially if a specific person is posting in multiple languages, this will increase the level of personalization & showcase more content and communities from within a users' work network. On top of that, we're looking at better onboarding experiences so we can help get users into the right communities from the get-go and these signals will help supercharge that effort. 


Long Run

Over the long haul, we'll be looking to build a deeper understanding of users from their behavior and settings across the suite, which includes what languages they speak. Once we have a reliable account of what languages a user speaks, we should do a much better job of matching them with appropriate content or can potentially auto-translate content that's outside of their wheelhouse.  


It's a hard problem but hoping each phase can make it a bit better. 


@tblum to answer your question, All Feed will stay, but we haven't prioritized any improvements for it at the moment. That said, the next few experiments on Home Feed should make it harder to miss content from communities you're a member of. I know not the answer you're looking for, but hopefully moving in a positive direction for you! 

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@lucdanziger Thanks for your posts. I passed along your points above about quality messages going into the Home feed...


Here is my CEO's response:

So, what types of things do they want to see in high quality posts? I feel like my important posts drop down and the really light ones stay higher. (Maybe birthday posts never go away because they have gifs?)


You said that we should be getting feedback on our case, we did not hear anything back since your post above.




Hi @Rob O'Keefe , sorry to hear that -- followed up internally to check in on this. 


Re: CEO's response, I'd venture that birthday posts get a lot of social engagement (likes/replies) and get rated pretty highly. As an immediate fix, I would recommend "Featured Conversation" so the CEO's posts don't get lost in the shuffle. In general, we do want to make sure that posts from leadership are able to break through the noise, as a part of that we started with manual controls like Featured, but are also working to make the algorithm smarter by using signals like AAD org chart as well as signals that help us infer whether or not someone is in leadership. These are just some of the improvements that we're looking to incorporate over the next quarter, so I'd expect this to get better. 


Hi Luc, I just posted this question in the tech community because I have long time classic users concerned they'll miss a conversation. They are no longer prompted to move to the next community with unread conversations. Instead, they get the "You're all caught up here!" with the option to view All Conversations in the community they're browsing or go back to the Home Feed. Is the Home Feed expected to surface those conversations in its place? This behavior still exists on mobile but not in Yammer in the browser.


Hi @Dinorah Flores, the Home Feed does help people stay up to date on the communities they're in but we are also looking at the prompt to the next group in the next quarter or so. So you should have both! 

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@lucdanziger Happy New Year! One thing to improve for next year - my Home Feed is currently completely cluttered with Merry Christmas wishes. Now, in January, they feel a bit dated - but right now there is not much new activity that would push out the flood of Christmas wishes posted in most active Yammer communities before the holidays.


The algorithm can probably be tweaked in general to prioritise down time-based event related posts, like major holidays.

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@lucdanziger  So happy to have found this!! I have searched Microsoft and Yammer help areas and none mention the "recommended" tag.  I love the infographic and it should be updated to show the "recommended" example post. But I'm glad someone here asked that question. I feel like I get too many "recommended" items and they dilute my Feed. Is there a way to help Yammer figure out what I don't want to see or tell it I'm not interested in the type of post that was recommended?

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One more comment @lucdanziger . The link to a "Yammer Blog" and also the "Ask Yammer Blog" on this page Welcome to Yammer Support - Microsoft Community should both be changed to go to this yammer blog. The first one goes to a generic blog that is not yammer specific that I can tell and the second one goes to a blog page that notes it is not longer being used.

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Hi, I wanted to add my experience of New Yammer as we're gradually moving over to it.  Look and feel, great. But for us there are some real issues with the newsfeed (echoing some comments above) that are causing employees to actively drop off Yammer:


  • "All" is not all chronological conversations in public groups, as in classic Yammer, but all those in my groups. Possibly fine for the average user, absolutely not fine for a Community Manager where we need to keep an eye on all conversations and also perhaps promote some communities that we're not otherwise aware of. 
  • Why can't my 'All' preference stick?  Every time I log into Yammer or refresh my screen it switches back to Home feed. 
  • There is no option at all in the iOS App to select the All feed, nor remember a desktop preference.
  • When viewing Home feed, the feed does not rotate and therefore feels very stale. Old posts come to the top, and often stay there for ages. New content does not get surfaced and important updates and conversation replies get missed (we shouldn't have to 'feature' everything of interest as it dilutes that functionality and is also a faff every time).  This makes people think there's nothing new to see and they don't bother coming back.  This also makes it hard for people to re-find a recent conversation they saw.
  • Neither Home nor All feeds appear to auto-refresh when new posts are made. I have to manually refresh every so often and then of course it switches back to my Home feed.
  • It's appears that when featuring a conversation it drops off once seen, and then replies to it are not seen. For example, our CEO does a regular Yammer Q&A in a single thread each time. We have to feature it at the start so people can find the chat to post their question, then it disappears as they've seen the post so they can't find it again, and we have to feature it again afterwards so people can catch up with the whole thread. This feels hard work!

At a time when we're trying to encourage more employees onto Yammer more often, the New Yammer newsfeed makes it really difficult to get buy-in.  I appreciate that there are different user preferences mentioned in the comments above, especially in the varying client demographics you have - so I think more options/user preferences would resolve this, not fewer.  I've seen posts in the Yammer forums with similar concerns and I hope you are hearing these. Thank you.

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