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In July, we announced a new way to share and express yourself in Microsoft Viva Engage and Microsoft 365 called storyline. Storyline empowers everyone within your organization to connect and contribute, and enables your leaders to reach and engage employees. Through storyline, people can share updates, experiences, and perspectives to reach followers and colleagues across the organization. You can find, follow, and share to storylines from the applications you use every day including Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Microsoft Viva.


Meet Storyline



How to get Storyline

Yammer Network Admins will need to opt-in to public preview for their organization. Here is a detailed admin guidance for enabling and managing storyline.


Yammer Network and Verified admins can manage storyline for their organizations by clicking the “Manage storyline” link that is behind the gear icon on, and behind the ellipsis in the global header for the Viva Engage app. 



When you enable storyline in your organization, it becomes available to all internal users who have access to Yammer and Viva Engage. All internal users will have their own storyline feed on their profile pages and will be able to see, react, and respond to others’ storyline posts. Guests won't have their own storyline and won't be able to see or engage with storyline content from your internal users who do.

Storyline Preview

During public preview, admins will have two toggles for enabling storyline.


Enable public preview of storyline: This toggle is defaulted to the OFF position. Select this option if you would like to turn on storyline for your organization during public preview. This toggle will be removed once storyline has reached general availability.


Enable storyline when it reaches general availability: This toggle is defaulted to the ON position, which means storyline will become available to your users when the feature has been fully released. This control is independent of the public preview control, so that customers can choose whether or not to automatically enable storyline regardless of their usage of storyline in public preview.




The Preview features toggle allows you to preview some of the features that will be available in Yammer and the Viva Engage app through Viva Engage. The features available through this preview will be available to all internal users in your tenant who have access to Yammer and Viva Engage, irrespective of license status. Pricing and licensing requirements for these features post-preview are yet to be determined.


Please note: stories are not included in the public preview at this time. Stay tuned for more information on stories.


Using Storyline

To learn more about how you can use Storyline, check out this guidance to get started. We’ve also created a Storyline Playbook for additional tips and inspiration.



Catch the recording of September's Yammer Brainstorm session as our customers shared great ideas for how they are using and planning to use Storyline and Stories in their organization. 





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