Workplace Analytics October 2020 feature updates

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The Workplace Analytics team is excited to announce our feature updates for October 2020. (You can see past blog articles here). This month’s update describes one enhancement to a query type and one preview of a major coming attraction:  


  • Feature preview: Workplace Analytics Home page update  
  • New attributes in ONA person-to-person queries  


Feature preview: Workplace Analytics Home page update

Later this year, Workplace Analytics will offer a series of research-based business outcomes that will show how your organization gets work done. This update to the Home page of Workplace Analytics lets you select from nine business outcomes to see how your business is doing right now and see recommended best practices that are available to help drive change for the good, moving forward.  




Business outcomes

Each of the nine outcomes is described on its own page that shows you analysis about your organization and research-based suggestions on how to maintain or drive change toward business success.  


  • Enhance organizational resiliency - Small changes to collaboration practices can have transformative effects on organizational productivity at scale.  
  • Boost employee engagement - Employees with high job satisfaction and a strong sense of belonging are more likely to produce high-quality work, identify business opportunities and remain at the organization.  
  • Improve agility - Companies that redefine industries and lead markets are less bureaucratic and nimbly adapt to rapid changes in technology and customer needs.  
  • Foster innovation - Employees who share information, prioritize learning, and protect time for deep thinking generate the new ideas needed for success in rapidly evolving markets.  
  • Develop effective managers - Managers have a large impact on employee engagement, development, and performance, and are pivotal for driving organizational change.  
  • Maximize operational effectiveness - Small changes to collaboration practices can have transformative effects on organizational productivity at scale.  
  • Accelerate change - Slow adoption of new technology harms efforts to attract and retain top talent, improve productivity, and can lead to market failure.  
  • Transform meeting culture - Meetings are essential for collaboration; however, unnecessary meetings and bad practices can harm engagement and limit productivity.  
  • Increase customer focus - Companies that prioritize customer relationships and satisfaction grow revenue faster than competitors.  

On the card for each insight, you’ll see supporting evidence that links you to related information. This information includes Microsoft Workplace Insights that were researched and written by industry experts, and studies about organizations that have effectively used Workplace Analytics to improve their business outcomes. 


On each behavior page, a Take action section lets you select Find out more to see the most effective actions you can do now to drive positive change in your organization. For example, the Boost employee engagement behavior offers a “Best practices” page called Increase frequency of coaching: 




This page gives you recommendations for implementing these best practices – in this case, for example, by scheduling recurring 1:1 meetings and by enhancing manager coaching through MyAnalytics.


Who can use these insights?

You can view all of these insights if you have the analyst or limited analyst role of Workplace Analytics. If you are a people manager, you can only see insights about your own team; for more information, see Workplace Analytics Home for people managers


To request early access

If you are a current Workplace Analytics customer and if you would like early access to the organizational insights, complete the Home page update preview form and we’ll follow up to discuss activation with you. 


New attributes in ONA person-to-person queries

The recently released Network: Person-to-person query lets analysts measure the quality of connections between people. In particular, it measures strong ties, when two people have many connections in common, and diverse ties, when they share fewer connections but nevertheless work closely together.  

We’ve added two new columns to the existing output of this query.  

  • TieOrigin_GroupId 
  • TieDestination_GroupId 

These columns can be used to aggregate members of a team. Their values are based on the organizational hierarchy data that admins upload to Workplace Analytics. In each of these metrics, the value of GroupId is a unique, de-identified, identifier that’s the same for members of the same team – in other words, they all report to one particular person in the organizational hierarchy.  

These columns are useful for looking up the existence of strong ties within a team to understand how cohesive that team is. They are also useful for looking up the existence of Diverse ties within a team to understand if there is an opportunity for novel information to flow into the team. For more information, see ONA person-to-person queries. 


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