Bluetooth and Wireless display not working on Windows Server 2022

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Dear All,

While this may not be the required case in production.

However, on my standalone laptop, I have installed Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Edition(GUI).

Wireless Network is working which helps me to connect to WiFi network for internet.

  • BUT, Bluetooth devices are NOT connected. They are detected and showed as 'paired' but never connects.
  • ALSO, it fails to detect the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. This is useful when I want to present my laptop screen with all Hyper-V machines on a projector with which Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is connected.

Let me know if anyone has experienced this similar behavior and if there are any suggestions around.






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For security reason services like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are off by default but you could enable them and test them out. In case you have access to a Windows 10 PC, open start and open the Feedback Hub app and in the category select Windows Server and file a bug report and if you have any log files like errors, then attach it to the report, so Windows Server team would be able to investigate it.

@Reza_Ameri I can support this issue partly.
If you have a bluetooth radio (usb dongle) and install the latest Server 2022 LTSC preview it will work.
if you upgrade from 2019 LTSC to 2022 LTSC preview the same dongle will not work, and there is no way to make it work (driver issue in device manager)

I have a fresh install of Windows Server 2022 LTSC and even with a USB dongle, it fails to connect.
In this case make sure report this issue through the Feedback Hub app, so the Windows team could investigate it.

@Reza_Ameri here is my feedback on the matter.

Since it works on a fresh install of Windows Server 2022, I hope this can be fixed. Seems like the dynamic update of Windows Server setup does fetch the drivers but WU does not.

Thank you @K_Wester-Ebbinghaus for sharing the report through the Feedback Hub app , this way Windows Server team would be able to investigate and resolve this issue.

More than 6 months has passed since last update, is there any update or workaround?

With Windows Server 2022 now GA, can you confirm that this issue still reproduces on the final build 20348 with the latest cumulative update applied (must be a minimum of August update to be GA)?



@Elden Christensen My system started giving mesage of Build about to expire in few days.

I couldnt manage to get rid of that expiry notification and have reimaged my machine with Windows 11 for evaluation. If I get time then will try to reproduce this or if anyone in the forum could manage to test it then it will be great.



The new build of Windows Server VNext that was released today has an expiration date in 2022.

@Elden Christensen, I was able to figure out what is the problem.


The Windows Server 2022 build 20348, doesn't ship bluetooth audio drivers and services. Such as a2dp, hfp and avrcp. So it cannot really work and it's probably by design.

I was finally able to make Bluetooth audio devices work on Windows 2022.
I've installed required drivers and services from Windows 10 donor images.

It was hard and time consuming. Don't really understand why Microsoft doesn't want to include Bluetooth audio support into Windows Server images, specifically that is was working fine in Windows Server 2019.

Anyway the steps are not trivial at all and requires good knowledge of registry and permissions model in windows.

Can you share Bluetooth audio devices?
I've never heard of the ability to share audio devices. What exactly do you mean by "share devices"?

@SergejKiller - I installed Windows Server 2022 build 22483 and finally Bluetooth device works however, the Miracast wireless display device now shows the message that it is not supported :(



Hello, can you please provide detailed information about using drivers from Win10? I've tried to backport AVRCP drivers, but with no luck :(