Wsus on server 2012 R2 deploy extended patches for windows 7

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I have a 2012 R2 server with WSUS configuration.
The wsus version is 6.3.900....
I want to know if the wsus can deploy the extended patches for windows 7 system ?
If windows 7 esu licence se has been purchased for the workstations.

If yes. How will wsus detect the extended patches and how will it scan which system has the licence key installed on it ?
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It works the same as before, no extra action is required
if a device is ESU-eligible, it will show in WSUS as compliant, otherwise not

IMPORTANT WSUS scan cab files will continue to be available for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. If you have a subset of devices running these operating systems without ESU, they might show as non-compliant in your patch management and compliance toolsets.
The below article says 2012 R2 configuration manager won't be able to support the windows 7 on their respective ESU phases.