Windows Update continues to Fail

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I have 8 servers all running Server 2016 STandard. They all seem to be running fine and do Windows Updates with no issues, except on one of my servers that keeps failing on Windows Update KB4512517  2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based Systems. All my other servers ran this Update with no issues. This particular server has had no issues with any other WIndows Updates. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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@Tim Hunter 


1. Have you run the Windows Update Troubleshooter to see if there is something otherwise blocking this one from installing? Maybe one that failed previously that needs to be cleaned? 


2. Have you tried to go directly to the KB and download the appropriate installation file for that specific Update? If so, when you run it, does it give you any error you can investigate?


3. Does it show up in the "installed updates"? If so, you might have to remove it (assuming it is removable) and then try again.


4. Have you run a disk cleanup (system files option) and cleaned out any Windows Updates that can be purged as they are superseded? Sometimes this helps.


5. Sometimes disk issues can be the culprit. Have you done a chkisk /B or with some other options to resolve any bad blocks or at least mark them unusable?


I have a few more thoughts, but hopefully, one of the above will resolve it for you before we start using DISM and SFC etc. :) 



@Edward Dake 


I ran the Windows Update Troubleshooter and the issue that remains is Potential Windows Update Database error detected. I have attached the Troubleshooting Report PDF here.

@Tim Hunter 


Run the Troubleshooter a few times to see if it can work through the DB issue. If not, here are some other thoughts, but be aware, they can have some affect on your system/applications, etc. So use sparingly. Also, backup your system before anything in case issues might arise. 


The following has some methods to attempt to fix the issue. I know it is Windows 10, but should be similar steps for Windows 2016.


Hope this helps!