Windows Server Essentials 2022 and Remote Access VS Remote Desktop Services

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Hi all - any advice would be appreciated.

I was about to replace our aging Server 2012 R2 with Windows Essentials Server 2022, but the company I'm doing this for has informed me that they want to setup another office with new desktop PCs in another town - they need to use the server in the same way as users on the LAN. There are less than 12 users in total including the new additions so I thought Essentials 2022 would be ideal.


Dell are saying that I can't do this because Windows Essentials 2022 does not have Remote Desktop Services - but that is different to Remote Access isn't it?


So my question is:

Does Windows Essentials 2022 support Remote Access (as opposed to Remote Desktop). Dell are saying I need Windows 2022 Standard which is much more expensive and I need to purchase user Cals too.


Any help would be appreciated.


PS: I have been looking into an Azure VM but been surprised to find that overall costs over 3 years are higher than a hardware server - anyone else finding this?


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Remote Web, which includes the gateway feature, was removed from 2019 (and later) Essentials. Also Dell is correct, you are not allowed to add the RDS Role to Essentials.   

To do what you want, you'll need to use 2016 Essentials or add a 2nd server running Windows Server Standard, configure the RDS Role and purchase Server and RDS CALs for the users.    



@Dave PatrickThanks for the reply.

Am I right in thinking that the Essentials 2022 server is only suitable for users on a LAN? Makes it seem a bit of an odd product with all the home working that's taking place nowadays. Did MS give any particular reason for removing it - other than marketing that is :)


The cost increase to Standard Server 2022 with 10 user CALs certainly puts Azure VM back in the frame.


The original 2012 R2 server had many more users including remote ones, but the firm downsized some years ago to only 4 users and are only now thinking of adding more. I'm not even sure they need a server but Dell won't renew the maintenance contract on  the existing hardware so something has to be done.




2022 Essentials is now just a Standard Edition with an alternate license. As before, a maximum of 25 users and 50 devices. Server 2022 limits the Essentials Edition to one CPU with a maximum of 10 cores.