Windows Server 2019 Standard 1809 - where is Windows Backup?

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Hello everyone!

I've installed WS2019 STD. Works fine, almost...

After added Windows Server Backup feature, backup still is unavailable like you can see in the attachment.

What happened? What I make incorrect?


Please help me.





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Hi Kris,

Try removing the feature, reboot, then add the Windows Backup feature again and see if that helps.



I performed a vanilla installation of Windows Server 2019, and found that Windows Server Backup is already installed and functioning, even though it appears that the feature is not installed (see image).


Possibly a bug in the Windows build?

Annotation 2018-12-11 141441.jpg

Hi Gerardo!

Thank you for your answer!

I tried this procedure before, but without success. I've check system settings and in a Windows Security center Backup settings is empty too (it is not possible edit settings):


2018-12-11 08_28_52-Window.png


My Windows 2019 I have from offical partner's site.

So, looks like a bug, but I wan to know experts opinion before I open support ticket.

What you think?



I've installed Hyper-V feature and installed the same ISO image as g auest machine - Windows Backup is available without added role... I'm a bit confused.

So, I have only way to resolve this issue: reinstall Windows Server 2019 STD. It's weak :\



Hi Kris,

You won't find Windows Server Backup in the Settings app, it is found in Windows Administrative Tools as a separate application.

Another thing to try, run PowerShell as administrator and type:

Get-WindowsFeature *backup*

 Annotation 2018-12-12 091241.jpg

 This should show if Server Backup is actually installed.



EDIT: ignore my PowerShell cmdlet- it shows as available in Windows 2019, but is still installed as per my previous post. Yes, obviously a bug. 

Hi Gerardo!

Thank you for your engagement! You're right - Windows Server Backup feature already installed, but not usable :\

So, I installed Hyper-V role and installed WIndows Server 2019 as virtual machine (from the same image) and... Windows backup are available! (LOL).

Finally, I've reinstalled whole server - right now WIndows Backup are available in Server manager, but for perform backup I must add backup feature. Initial backup was performed, this night Windows will be updated as I planed.

Tomorrow let you know about effect.

Many thank's!


Did you check Eventlog for any errors?

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No, no errors! So I didn't find correct solution. Finally, I reinstal server again and Windows Backup are avaiable.
Thanku you very much for yours assist and help!

Krzysztof vel. itepe

already  install but don't show in tools ?



I uninstalled the feature, rebooted the server. Reinstalled the backup and  network load balancing feature and now the backup feature is on.


"and network load balancing feature" that's it. many thanks

awkward :S it works, thanks
Worked for me too, No Windows Server Backup and added Network Load Balancing Feature and it worked!!! Thanks for the tip! MS should fix this!
Tried Every network load balancing installation....Nothing worked...Windows server backup is showing in the tools but not installed.