Windows Server 2019 Essentials 21 day Migration Mode Period

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I purchased a Windows Server 2019 Essentials license for a client.  While migrating the domain to the new server, we ran into some timing issues and are now on the 20th day of the 21 day allowed for Migration Mode.  At this point, I have demoted the 2019 Essentials server and and taken it back to the status of a workgroup server.  I would like to start over and re-promote it to Domain Controller and decommission the old server this week.  If I add it back to the domain, will the Migration period start over?  How can I check the days left on the migration period?  Thank you for your help in advance. 



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Sounds like you moved the FSMO roles back? If so that should stop the licensing violations. I'd check the event logs for details.