Windows server 2019 black screen stuck on vmware machine

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We have an esxi server with vmware. our vm machine is Windows server 2019 . 

Probably after 2 updates yesterday KB5004244 and KB4589208 we have a problem to login with all users.


the problem is that we cant login with any user . after we enter our user and password we get a black screen ... and thats it .

the login is via RDP session . 

also through the vm console ... same result... black screen.


tried uninstalling the above updates... with no success.


Only if I open task manager and run: explorere.exe am I able to see my desktop 


Any help would be appreciated 





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What errors in the event logs?



Hi Dave
because I couldnt log in to the machine... I did a full bare metal - system state restore to one day before the updates were downloaded.
currently I stopped the updates , and I am a bit worried about returning them ... so this thing wont happen again