Windows Server 2019 (1809) update error

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We try to upgrade our windows server 2019 (1809) with a Comulative update x64 based System (KB5016623) and on a lot of server going on error and not installed.

We have this problem evry month when try to install this type of upgrade , for exemple the same problem we found on this KB:

kb5013941 - May

kb5012647 -- April

kb5010351 – March

The errort that we have is the follow



We try to resolve with following workaroung without success



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@Marco2706  Just checking if there's any progress or updates? Please don't forget to mark helpful replies.



Hi @Dave Patrick , i'm sorry for the late response on your reply, we try to follow the steps that you linked on first reply but not resolve the issue.

We try to apply any steps but when download again updates going on error durnig installation (across 20% progress).

Can you help us again to solve?

Thanks a lot


You can also try a repair install by running setup.exe from the root of the install media, but tie may be better spent by standing up a new one, patch fully, migrate roles over and move on.




Hi Dave,
thanks for your response, we just try to repair the system but isn't a better solution for us.. we have a down of service that running on the machine during a repair.
We try to make a new template and deploy a new machine and move service one by one.

Yes, I'd agree, standing up a new one for replacement is the best course of action.