Windows Server 2016 Standard CAL requirement for Print Server

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Hi All,


I going to implement a Print Server as a centralized manager to mange all the Multi-Function Printer (MFP) within same office, all the user's PC will send the print job to the Print Server and the print job will store in the Print Server, users are able to release and print out the print job from any connected printer they like.  (Example: User>Server>MFP)


For this scenario let's say my office got 10 printers are connected to the server, 5 admins and 2 IT Staff would like to use the print function and that 2 IT Staff required access to the Print Server through web portal. 


Please help me clarify the following question:

1. if i buy 10 Device CALs for the MFP, should i need additional buy 2 more User CALs for the 2 IT staff?


2. For this scenario, 7 User CALs is the best and cost saving option for me right?


3. Your suggestion, what and how many CALs are required?


Thank you very much!!!!


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