Windows Defender Memory Leak

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Hi everyone,


Here is my problem:

Windows Version: Windows Server 2019 Standard

Version: 1809

OS build: 17763.1577



Antimalware Service Executable is consuming a large amount of resources (~2-4GB of Memory)


What I tried:

I saw that it is a known issue and tried the solution I found (here for example) but it didn't worked.

I also noted that in fact the problem seems to be linked to the Automatic sample submission. When I turned it off the memory consomption started to deflate quickly (~300Mb).
But when I checked 12h later, it was high again. I turned it on again and, again, the memory consomption started to deflate.


I can't turn it on and off every days but this issue has a big impact on my server performances, how can I effectively fix this memory issue?


PS: I have other servers running the exact same version of Windows and I don't have this issue on it.




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