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Windows 2012 R2 dropping junction points

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We are currently running a Citrix virtual desktop environment (non-persistent) using Windows 2012 R2 as our desktop.

Our Citrix environment version is 715 8CU. We have 22 Citrix servers running in a VMWare environment. For the longest time this system has worked well for us and we are limited in upgrading due to some Business critical apps. We average about 185 user sessions per day. We load balance the logins so users will get a session on the next available citrix server.


We have a setup where our user's profile data is stored in a VHD file. This VHD is mounted on login to a c:\profilediskmounts folder and once the VHD is mounted there, a junction is formed for the c:\users\user folder to redirect into the VHD file. The VHD files are hosted on a profile server.


We use Liguidware to manage the login process.


We did change our AV product being used toward end of June but since this issue was occurring before that action I do not suspect the AV and the AV is not throwing any errors or alerts. We have added the required file exclusions to the AV as recommended by Citrix, VMWare and Liquidware. We have support cases opened with these same vendors as well but so far this is stumping them all.


Our issue is that our users are randomly loosing their connection from their c:\users\user folder to their mounted VHD. Upon investigation we find that the VHD file is still mounted and can be Dir'd and all files are available. We also find that the C:\users\user folder still exists but is empty. This will often happen either while the user is actively working in Citrix and could happen several times a day for users. So the user community is getting frustrated as they usually end up losing work. Since 5/31 (when I started keeping some stats) the # of times this occurs has increased significantly just based on the total # of login sessions a user may have in a day.


We are not able to figure out what is causing the connection of the c:\users\user folder to the VHD file to drop. We can use the MKLink command to re-form the connection but that's not a great solution as only the admin can do this.


We do not see any errors in the Event Viewer for the Citrix server, we have even checked the EV on the profile servers and find no specific errors. Since there is no EV entry we are either looking at an operation that happens normally in windows or something not writing to the EV on error.


I'm looking for anyone that may have had similar experience like this and where I may point my team to try to better define the fault domain and solution.

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