Windows 2012 DC rebooting at random times

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Over the weekend, I installed the latest Windows Updates on my DC running Windows 2012.  When I view my Update History, I see that KB5009586 and KB5009720 were both installed.  I have since uninstalled KB5009586. When I look at installed updates, I see the following Microsoft Updates are still installed from over the weekend:KB5008881, KB5008865, KB5008888.  My DC is still randomly rebooting with the following message in the Event Logs:

The process wininit.exe has initiated the restart of "My computer" on behalf of user for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found.  Reason Code: 0x50006.  Comment: The system process 'C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe' terminated unexpectedly with status code 255.  The system will shut down and restart.  Event ID: 1074. 

Should I uninstall the other updates that were installed?  I haven't seen anything online about those yet, but after uninstalling KB5009586, I am still seeing the server randomly reboot. 


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This looks good but my Server is running Windows Server 2012, not Windows Server 2012 R2. I don't think it will work for me.
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This is the one for 2012 (non R2)

KB5010797: Out-of-band update for Windows Server 2012: January 17, 2022 (


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@Dave Patrick, I guess I got one more question if you can help. I see that the latest servicing stack update (SSU) is strongly recommeded before I apply the update. The latest servicing stack was release in April of 2021. I don't know if I ever installed it. I have pretty much installed all updates during 2021. What is a servicing stack update and do I really need to install something so old? One other question. I had since uninstalled KB5009586. Should I re-install it before I apply this out of band update? Thanks very much!

Some info here about SSUs

Servicing stack updates - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs


in most cases an SSU is a requirement to installing a later cumulative update. As to the out of band updates; these are fixes for the problems of the Jan 11th updates. If you uninstalled Jan 11th then you should not need to OOB update.



Just wanted to follow up. I tried to install the SSU but it was already installed. I was still having the reboot problems after I initially uninstalled update KB5009586. In any case, I reinstalled that update and then applied the Out of Band update. The server hasn't rebooted since I installed the OOB update. Thanks very much for your assistance.