Windows 10 can't see active directory domain on Windows Server 2016

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Hi all


I hope you can help.  I am trying to connect my windows 10 pro laptop to my windows server 2016 Active Directory Domain and yet when I try to join the domain, the error message is that the domain doesn't exist.

I have made sure I have the following services running:
DNS Client
SSDP Discovery
UPnP Device

On the server:
IP4:  ***.***.***.51

Subnet mask:

Default gateway: ***.***.***.1 - ip of router

DNS: - I have read conflicting information about the DNS settings!

On the client:
IP4: ***.***.***.07

DNS: ***.***.***.51 - server's IP

My laptop is a named user in Active Directory.  I have checked the domain name.  I  can ping the server, but can't ping the domain.  I disable the firewall on  the domain, just to test it and it hasn't made a difference.


Can anyone help me with this - I know there is probably a simple setting that I overlooked!!


Thanks in advance

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@Dave Patrick 


YESSSSSS! I am a member of my domain!  Whoo hoo!!


Fab!  Thank you so much for all your help. :)

So all I need to now do is create a static IPv6 and Bob's your  uncle.


Once again - thanks - I owe you a beer!

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