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Using DHCP Custom option 135 to add dns suffix

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Hi. We have two domains that are trusted both ways. We are in the process of moving users from DomainA to DomainB using ADMT. But the user that are moved from DomainA to DomainB must be able to access resources in their original domain (in this case DomainA).


By setting the DNS suffinx manually on the adapter our POC shows that it works. Now I have to find at way to do so for everyone that are moved. I have been looking at my DHCP server and Google and found out the the option 35 and 119 is not suited for this. But there are articles talking about option 135, a custom option to add more dns suffix's. Are there anyone that are using this option and can say "It works?" or should I just go the group policys way?


The reason not going the group policy way is that all computers are in one OU, not structured by location and I only need to apply the dns suffix to the users in UK (migrated from DomainA). Another option could be to add it on the users since we have those devided in to org OU's.


But let me know if anyone has used the 135 with success or failure.

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