Users cannot get all windows server changes

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Hi folks 

i have issue with my AD that when i change some setting like setup user password it donsn't applied to all users some of them still working with the past password 


what is the solution ?!

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Hi Muhammad,

There could be several causes for this, if there is multiple domain controllers it could be a timing and/or syncing issue with AD, or if the computers are having issues connecting to the domain controller they could be using cached credentials.

Can you provide some more details like:
1. How many domain controllers do you have
2. Are there multiple locations
3. Is there any similarities between the users who are not getting the settings (Same location, subnet, device type etc)
4. Operating system version (Servers and Clients)
5. Domain and Forest functionality levels.

Additionally it might be worth checking the event logs on the Domain Controller the effected clients are connecting to and the effected computers themselves.
Thanks for your replay
1- 3 domain controller
2- yes in diffrent branches
3- yes have users in the same location and same device type
4- win server 2012R2 & windows 10
5- windows 2012 r2
It would be worth checking the time on all of the servers to see that they are in sync, also check that they are replicating AD correctly.