Upgrade DC from server from 2008R2 to Windows Server - Server hosting exchange Server 2010

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Please advise on the proper path i have exchange 2008R2 server which i am running my DC-ADDS and exchange 2010 server in one server. I am migrating my DC to another server Win 2019 standard where a will migrate all FSMO roles to make it the primary DC thereafter dcpromo or remove ad role from the 2008 box (please bear this server is hosting exch 2010 - will this not affect services on exch?). Thereafter i will raise forest functional level to 2012.


Please advise on recommended procedure for server 2008-2019 without affecting the exchange services. 



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Hi @Thabsareup,

here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  1. Check Active Directory Health and Replication: Ensure the Active Directory is healthy and replication is functioning correctly.
  2. Identify FSMO Roles: Identify the server holding the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles.
  3. Join Windows Server 2019 to the Domain: Add the new server to the existing domain.
  4. Promote Windows Server 2019 to DC: Promote the new server to a domain controller.
  5. Verify AD Health and Replication: Double-check the Active Directory's health and replication status.
  6. Transfer FSMO Roles to Windows Server 2019: Move the FSMO roles to the new server.
  7. Transfer Master Time Service: Utilize the w32tm command or Group Policy to transfer the Time Service.
  8. Move DHCP if on Old DC: If DHCP is on the old DC, migrate it to the new server.
  9. Update DNS on Static IP Servers and Devices: Ensure all devices with static IPs have updated DNS settings.
  10. Check AD Health and Replication Again: Confirm the Active Directory's health and replication.
  11. Demote Old DC: Demote the old domain controller.
  12. Verify AD Health and Replication Once More: Perform a final check on Active Directory's health and replication status.
  13. Unjoin Old DC from Domain: Remove the old domain controller from the domain.
  14. Raise Domain and Forest Functional Levels: When everything is stable, raise the Domain and Forest functional levels to the newest DC on the domain.

As for your Exchange 2010 server, it’s generally recommended to separate your Domain Controller and Exchange server roles. Running both on the same server is not a recommended practice and can lead to complications. You might want to consider migrating your Exchange server to a separate server as part of this process.

[SOLVED] Migrating a DC from 2008R2 to 2019 - Active Directory & GPO (spiceworks.com)

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The two prerequisites to introducing the first 2019 or 2022 domain controller are that domain functional level needs to be 2008 or higher and older sysvol FRS replication needs to have been migrated to DFSR    

I'd use dcdiag / repadmin tools to verify health `correcting all errors found` before starting `any` operations. Then stand up the new 2019 or 2022, patch it fully, license it, join existing domain, add active directory domain services, promote it also making it a GC (recommended), transfer FSMO roles over (optional), transfer pdc emulator role (optional), use dcdiag / repadmin tools to again verify health, when all is good you can decommission / demote old one.






@Thabsareup just checking if there's any progress or updates? please don't forget to mark helpful replies.