Updates KB4534297/KB4534309 Break RDS through Web Application Proxy on Server 2012 R2


We have Remote Desktop published through Web Application Proxy, both running on Server 2012 R2.


The RDS application in WAP is configured for pass-through authentication so users can connect from both Windows and non-Windows ("rich apps" on Android/iOS/Mac) devices. This has been working for the past few years without issue.


After installing recent update KB4534309 (or the rollup that contains it, KB4534297), the non-Windows clients are unable to connect. They show error 0x3000008 during the "initiating remote connection" phase:

We couldn't connect to the gateway because of an error. If this keeps happening, ask your admin or tech support for help.

Has anyone experienced this or figured out a way to fix it?

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@Andrew Colombino no help for now but take a look at VMware View, which is a VDI solution, for the long term.


Have been working with Windows 2012 R2 RDS and App publishing for years now and for about 5 years now I'm using VMware View as well.


EVERYTHING about RDS is just ridiculous in comparison to VMware View. User experience, administrability, performance, everything.


Windows is just crap (now).