TSplus as an alternative to RDS without paying RDS license fees to microsoft

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We are evaluating whether to use TSplus (https://www.terminalserviceplus.eu/) as an alternative to Microsoft RDS/Terminal Server.

According to TSplus we can not install or uninstall the RDS role, so we do not use RDS CALs and use TSplus CALs. This way it would not be necessary to pay for Windows Remote Desktop licenses. Is this correct?

I can't find any information from Microsoft about it reading documentation. As I see it is correct that using TSPlus without installing Microsoft RDS it would not be necessary to pay Remote Desktop licenses. Could someone confirm me that it is so?

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You're not using Remote Desktop Services or even the RDP protocol, don't think you need to license those because of that. The product is like a Remote Control tool like for example Teamviewer but with more features. Interesting, could be an option but 25 users is 1050 dollar and unlimited is 1400. Don't know how that compares to the RDS CAL licensing?
Did you have a chance to compare those two things (RDS CAL vs this)?

@Harm_Veenstra , @colorvivo 

It is certainly illegal, I don't understand why there's even a question about it.


The EULA clearly states that any software that uses more than 2 simultaneous "sessions" must pay for RDS licenses. A session is a unique memory space for each user, its a "kernel user space", technically known as a "winstation" and is a core component of Terminal Server. It's impossible to open simultaneous sessions without using different winstations and this is a base component of Terminal Server/Remote Desktop. No matter how you hack it to avoid licensing, it doesn't make it "legal" and that's what TSPLUS does.


Simply to prove, If you install TSPLUS on a Windows server and connect 10 sessions with the Terminal Server client using just "RDP" and some users, Windows will now allow it, because TSPLUS modifies Terminal Server behavior, brazenly violating the limitations set by Microsoft. This is TOTALLY illegal and so disrespectful that simply using MSTSC (Terminal Server client) you can connect to TSPLUS.


If there's still doubt, simply stopping the "Terminal Server" / "Remote Desktop" service, and "there's no TSPLUS" anymore... the deception and modification that the TSPLUS company does to the operating system is undeniable, violating Microsoft's rules and "changing the behavior" using reverse engineering techniques.


There's a "free" and "open sourced" software that does the same thing, it's called "RDP WRAPPER", you don't have to pay TSPLUS to violate the OS and break the EULA, you can do it for free.


Microsoft pays more attention to companies that violate EULA and use TSPLUS than to what TSPLUS does to OS, so BE VERY CAREFUL and know that if you use TSPLUS you're using illegal software.  "prove me wrong" !



I've attached some images that prove what I'm saying in a TSPLUS laboratory setting.


Do the test yourself and you will see....





Thanks for the detailed response, doesn't seem like it's a supported solution like this and not good when audited. In that case, I wouldn't recommend this then

@colorvivothe only alternative I know in the market that doesn't require an RDS license is GO-Global from GraphOn.

It works with a unique protocol called RXP. It doesn't use anything from RDS and doesn't virtualize the desktop.

It solely virtualizes the application screen.

It doesn't require Terminal Service to be enabled, doesn't modify RDS registry, and exclusively operates on RXP.

If you are in Brazil, send me an email to email address removed for privacy reasons and lets talk about this!



You are wrong as TSPLus you don't install any RDS related features!






can you send us the Microsoft link referring to this image that you sent us here in the forum?




TSPlus works on the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol itself, and this, by itself, already requires having RDS CALs.

Even if the client disables all RDS services completely on the server, TSPlus reactivates them during the installation and modifies registry keys to allow unlimited access, thus bypassing Microsoft's restrictions.

Microsoft uses two criteria to determine the need for RDS CALs:

1 - If your product displays the server's desktop. 2 - If your product works on top of RDP.

On the other hand, GO-Global is the only solution in the market that works with its own dedicated protocol called RXP.

Regarding the protocol used by TSPlus, it is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). It seems that the TSPlus support stopped responding because they might not want to acknowledge this fact or address the issue of bypassing Microsoft's restrictions.

I'll make a video proving that TSPlus operates illegally and will post the link here, showing all the registry keys and how TSPlus functions with RDS/RDP completely deactivated.

Microsoft won't address competing solutions, obviously
I am a GO-Global reseller, and I am also a Microsoft reseller!

I know exactly what I'm talking about, precisely because I am a Microsoft reseller!

TSPlus was a solution we considered as a reseller partner, but upon discovering that it violates Microsoft guidelines, we discarded it as a product to avoid any issues with our Microsoft partnership.

TSPlus does not operate transparently; it deceives customers (and they attempted to do the same with us).

If your product works over RDP, then you do need RDS CALs.

And I repeat, I am a GO-Global reseller and a Microsoft reseller, and I did not become a TSPlus reseller because they do not operate transparently. Therefore, we prioritize the reputation of our company and our partners instead of using an illegal product.

But answer just one simple question:

What protocol does TSPlus use to function?
If you use a proprietary protocol from Microsoft, you will logically need a license for it.

You should be transparent with your clients, just like Citrix does. They could operate without RDS CALs, but they inform that the CAL is necessary because they utilize the RDS framework for functioning. They are entirely transparent.

It's not about Microsoft disliking competition; it's about how the competition operates, and TSPlus does not act with clarity towards the customer.

I am not a Citrix reseller, but it is an excellent tool that operates with clarity and transparency. It competes with GO-Global and RDS, but I have no complaints about this product.

As for TSPlus, it does operate illegally, and any technician with minimal knowledge, through a quick search, will become aware of this fact!
Exactly that. There is no point looking for a way to avoid paying for CAL RDS licensing. It's bizarre how the product tries to suggest that it doesn't need an RDS CAL, but subjects the customer to copyright laws and unnecessary legal risk. A 5-minute look at the EULA reveals that you need the RDS CAL to work.