TSplus as an alternative to RDS without paying RDS license fees to microsoft

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We are evaluating whether to use TSplus (https://www.terminalserviceplus.eu/) as an alternative to Microsoft RDS/Terminal Server.

According to TSplus we can not install or uninstall the RDS role, so we do not use RDS CALs and use TSplus CALs. This way it would not be necessary to pay for Windows Remote Desktop licenses. Is this correct?

I can't find any information from Microsoft about it reading documentation. As I see it is correct that using TSPlus without installing Microsoft RDS it would not be necessary to pay Remote Desktop licenses. Could someone confirm me that it is so?

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You're not using Remote Desktop Services or even the RDP protocol, don't think you need to license those because of that. The product is like a Remote Control tool like for example Teamviewer but with more features. Interesting, could be an option but 25 users is 1050 dollar and unlimited is 1400. Don't know how that compares to the RDS CAL licensing?
Did you have a chance to compare those two things (RDS CAL vs this)?