testing S2D within hyper-v




I am trying to test s2d within hyper-v, but not certain how to enable the RDMA on vNIC? I assume that is necessary.

I try to run Enable-NetAdapterRDMA, but when I run Get-SmbClientNetworkInterface I still don't see "RDMA Capable" showing "True".


Again I am trying to test Storage Spaces Direct on a single Hyper-v host with vm's only.


I am running hyper-converged with just 2 server 2016 datacenter




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Did you get this going?

Hey Philip,


I think Robert is trying to set this up as a Nested S2D Configuration on a Single Host.   I'm not sure you will see much for real RDMA Configurations nested will you.   I have to go look at one of my labs to be sure.


Do any of the RDMA functions even work nested?   I haven't ever tested that part in this scenario?




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RDMA to the guest is not supported with Windows Server 2016, so it's not possible to do what you are suggesting...  but the good news is that it's not needed either.

See this blog which outlines how to create a Guest Cluster with S2D:


Hi, unfortunatly I have delayed testing this, I'll update if I pick this up again.