Sync data between two AD server

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Currently, I manage two AD server put in 2 sites. Those servers have the same domain controller like abc.local


2 months ago, I had one AD server put in X city. After that time, the company was opened a new site at Y city. In the city named Y, I built a new Additional Domain controller and sync data from server put in X site. The data was sync by MPLS line.  However, the MPLS line at that time always in an overload condition. So I have to make the server put in Y city like an independent server, not belong to X city server anymore. 


The problem here is from that time, lots of users, groups, and OU were created in both Server. Because I made it independent so it doesn't sync anymore. 


But now, my manager wants the data of 2 servers to be absolutely same. What should I do in this case that so as not to lose data between the two sites but still retain the OU structure?

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I made it independent so it doesn't sync anymore 


It probably depends on what this statement means.



Independent here mean: If I create a user in AD server put in Y city, it will not sync that user to server put in X city. 

Ok it sounded like maybe you had seized roles after the isolation. If that's not the case and if server has not tombstoned it may just be a matter of getting the VPN back up between sites.