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In my organization we have a SMTP Server that relays messages from printers and applications (about 160 accounts) on Windows Server 2012 R2.

What we need is to migrate the configuration to Windows Server 2019, I could not find the procedure or recommendations to perform the migration process or upgrade inplace.

Someone could give me some light on how I could take this configuration to WS2019 without affecting production or generate a downtime.


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Easiest would be to configure everything on the new server, export/import the configuration settings using

That's the IIS configuration part, do all printers and applications use a DNS alias? If yes, change the cname to point to the new server or change the ip-address if it's just a A-Record. If you have things configured to use a static ip-address... Then shutdown/disconnect the old server and change the ip-address on the new server to the old ip-address. Short downtime moment, test a few things and if everything is ok you can delete the old server. If it fails, change the ip-address on the new server again and turn on the old server and see if you can prevent the issue before switching again.. In a nutshell :)

Did this work for you?

Did the migration work?