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Server reboots after Windows Update

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I have 8 servers all running Windows 2016. I have 3 of the servers that will automatically reboot after the Windows Updates complete. The other 5 servers always show "waiting to restart outside of active hours", but they never restart after active hours. I have everything setup in Group Policy so not sure why 3 of the 8 servers reboot and the other 5 never reboot. Where can I look to see what is causing the discrepencies? Thank you for any help.

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You can take a look here to compare differences.

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update




@Dave Patrick 


Yep, that is where I setup the Windows Update policies. Here is what I have:


You can also take a look here;





@Dave Patrick 


Do I look in the registry of each individual server or just my domain controller where I have the Group Policy setup?

I'd compare the settings of two different acting members.



@Dave Patrick 


I checked all servers and they all have the same registry settings


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