Server 2019 Core - FOD install problem

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First post so please be gentle :)


I have recently deployed a Windows Server 2019 Core server (one of three.)

I am having trouble installing the App Compatibility FOD - it comes up installation successful, but when I reboot I get messages about 'installing updates' and 'update installation failed, rolling back changes'.  When the server boots back up, the FOD is not installed.


Nothing in the event logs...suggestions?





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I should mention the install worked on the other two servers fine...


 Verify what is your Windows Server version, current is 1909. First, update your version and than download the FoD from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Portal and try install again, as the Microsoft guide:


 Be aware,

 After you update your Windows Server version (1803, 1809, 1903, 1909), you will need to reinstall the FoD again.

I can't manage to get rid of flickering screen after pack installation on Server Core 2004.