run cmd as admin is denied

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I have physical server running windows server 2016, I have only one administrator account


When I try to run CMD as admin it shows 

2021-07-25 14_11_33-GHOURAB - SERVER - RemotePC.png


I can't run>cmd as admin as well,


I check the windows Update to see if there any update missing or corrupted updates installed,

It's appear that there is problems installing some updates, with the error code 0x800706be

2021-07-25 14_13_59-GHOURAB - SERVER - RemotePC.png

I tried to remove the last update but that does not worked as well


I try to uninstall ESET File Server Security as it may cause this privileges, 

I moved to uninstall programs but it failed


Then the failure message says




Note that this is a production server so I have a very limited time to control or shutdown, and I can't point to the starting point where is these error comes from ?




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Try download and run a full system scan with:
Look into Event Viewer and see if there is any relevant log files there.