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RDS on single screen

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Hi all,


We have a farm based on Windows Server 2022 Datacenter with full desktop provided to users (no remote apps at the moment). some of my users have a dual monitor setup, and when they connect to rds based on their remote desktop configuration the session start on both monitors or on a single one.


is possible to deploy a policy so the session start for everyone in full screen on just one monitor?


Kind regards



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Hi Marfo91,


We provide users this script to change default RDP multi monitor behavior when connecting:


$commands = Get-WmiObject Win32_Process -Filter "name = 'mstsc.exe'" | Select-Object CommandLine
ForEach ($command in $commands) {
    $commstr = " " + $command
    if ($commstr -Like "*multimon*")
        $newcommstr = $commstr
        $newcommstr = $newcommstr.Replace(' /multimon', '')
        $newcommstr = $newcommstr.Replace('"','')
        $newcommstr = $newcommstr.replace('@{CommandLine=', '')
        $newcommstr = $newcommstr.replace('}', '')
        $newcommstr = $newcommstr.Trim(' ')
Invoke-expression $newcommstr



hello, thanks for the reply. but the first row returns empty variable so the script wont work.



solved changing this from 16 to 1: