RDS Deploment and RDWeb Monitoring

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Hello together,

if this topic already exists here and I missed it despite searching, please forgive me and feel free to point me to the thread.

We run a rather large RDP / RDS farm for desktops and sessions/RemoteApps (RDSH).
We use 2 brokers (HA), 2 RDWeb, RDGW, and 48 terminal servers in 7 collections.

(Still based on Windows Server 2012 R2, unfortunately).

Now we have more and more found operational gaps where we weren't able to quickly discover errors and our (external) customers also expect more and more monitoring (rightly).

Our monitoring system is based on Nagios / Icinga.

We already have a monitoring of the TS on the RDP port, but this bypasses the farm of a real login with RDWeb and the connection brokers.

Primarily I need a way to check the RDWeb for:

  1. is the page loaded and displayed (here we have a simple http check so far)

  2. is a login possible

  3. are expected RemoteApp icons displayed

Optimal would be of course a check that even simulates a login including the start of a RemoteApp!

I am basically grateful for all tips to be able to monitor something more in our terminal server farm!

Whether ideas for Icinga or scripts, tools even with costs is not important for now ;)


Many greetings and best regards


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