RDP to all windows server 2012 R2 taking long time at welcome screen

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Hi Mates,

Recently I was having issues with RDP to all windows server 2012 R2 taking long time at welcome screen but it login after 10 min and there is no issue with anything else. This is happening only for domain users. You guys have any idea on any fix for this.

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Hi @josephchacko ,

try this here:

Even when its written about 2008 server, it still should work on 2012 server.

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Hi. I had resolved the issue. The root cause was the remote registry service could not start on domain controller. It stops every 10 minutes. I followed below tips.
Just go into the login properties of the service you are trying to start and select "This Account". Browse your computer and find the "Local Service" account. Wipe out the password so that it is blank and apply. You will be presented with a dialog stating the that the account has been granted the login as a service right. Then start your service. That should fix your problem.